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Toran - Son of Thopok

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Qe'nos
Played by: blackstarraven

Physical Appearance

Toran is large by Klingon standards. And has put on a little extra weight in his middle age. Having once black hair now graying often kept in braids and lose down his shoulders and back.

Toran like any good Klingon has his share of scars. Sporting a note worthy spider web scar on the right side of his face.

Having spent time in service of both the Klingon and Federation Diplomatic Service his dress is a some what eccentric blend of Federation, Klingon and just a dash of Bajoran.

Despite the extra weight Toran is rather athletic keeping himself fit with one kind of practice or another.


Toran has been described as "the more polite a Klingon can most likely get" Indeed some people actually find his personality a bit off putting at least at first.

Polite, Urbane, Well read and spoken. Toran has built up a reputation among the Klingons as a diplomat who is willing to put up with a great deal to benefit the Empire. And then as a Federation Diplomat famed for fairness and the ability to consider all sides interests.

While this "Tame" personality can at times cause him trouble with some of in the empire. Most no his limits and wont cross them. And the few that have crossed those lines have lead to Toran oft respected and sometimes derided moniker of "The tame killer"

Pre-Service Biography

Toran was born to Thopak and Koranan the tenth of sixteen children. Thopak being the head of his house and Koranan being a Planetary administration officer.

The boy enjoyed a more or less standard Klingon childhood but tended to have a bit more contact with individuals outside of the Empire the most, showing a keen interest in Academic pursuits even while growing to be a large and strong Kligon.

Toran grew to adult hood and then spent some time serving aboard ship under the command of his father and older brothers. Before moving on to further his education and enter the Diplomatic Service of the Klingon Empire. Staying in this position for some time building quite the reputation for being a effective negotiator, and serving as the Klingon Diplomatic Minister to Bajor for a short time.

On the outbreak of conflict between the Klingon and Cardassians and then The Dominion war. Serving with the ships of his house until the end of the conflict, A good number of his siblins and his father being killed in the conflict Toran understood a time of morning before returning to Diplomatic work.

But this time Toran entered the service of Federation Diplomatic Corps. Returning to Bajor first as part of the Diplomatic Embassy and then as the Federation Ambassador to Bajor.

It was while at this diplomatic station that he met is wife Jobia. A widowed farmer living directly across for his own residence. The two sharing a great love to Bajoran art and music. And Toran learning to rather enjoy aspect of agricultural work.

The two stayed married for ten years before Jobia passed away from complication caused by a poorly treated childhood illness. Leaving Toran to raise his step daughter Jera.

This time of grief made being on Bajor almost unbearable leading Toran to apply for Diplomatic stations on board Federations ships. First serving on board the USS Perth before taking a transfer to the Elysium.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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