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Turren Myka

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Turren Myka

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Bajor
Played by: kersare

Physical Appearance

Myka is 5'4" tall weighing 117lbs with a slender, toned build. She has long, wavy dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. As is typical of Bajorans, she has a ridged nose and wears a d'ja pagh.


Some would consider her mysterious, as she’s more inclined to listen to what others have to say rather than speak at length about herself. It is partly her nature, as Myka prefers to understand a person or situation before taking action or speaking; her ability to quickly assess a situation has been useful while undercover.

Hobbies, Interests: Myka has a thirst for knowledge, not limited to Intel. She enjoys learning new things and new experiences. For this reason, Myka is quite fond of meeting new people as well as taking time in the holodeck. Generally she is either a novice or proficient to some extent in numerous activities, which is beneficial for her role in Intelligence; she enjoys playing instruments or reading to help relax and also enjoys more physical activities, such as martial arts, rock climbing, and spelunking.

Languages: Federation Common, Bajoran, Cardassian, Romulan, less proficient in a few others

Pre-Service Biography

Myka was born on October 12, 2359 on Bajor to Turren Narra and Daral. Turren Daral was a Resistance fighter and was rarely home. At times he would come for a brief visit; at other times he would send an acquaintance to bring news to his family. Myka’s mother was a seamstress and merchant. The city they lived in had essentially surrendered to the Cardassians long ago and while the Bajorans there had no love for the Cardassians, they chose to not openly oppose them in order to have better lives.

At the age of seven, Myka overheard her parents’ conversation one night while they thought she was asleep. Her mother was telling her father what she had learned about the Cardassians since his last visit. The next day, after her father left, she asked her mother about what she had heard, confused – her mother was always pleasant to the Cardassians; in fact, some of her best customers were Cardassians. Narra, knowing her daughter had a sharp mind, explained what Daral really did and how the information she gave could be useful to the Resistance. She further explained the importance of seeming insignificant, yet helpful to the Cardassians – allowing them to trust her to some extent.

Seeing her mother in a new light, Myka paid even closer attention to how her mother acted while at the market. Wanting to help both her people and her father, she began offering to help some of the market patrons – both Cardassian and Bajoran, so as not to draw attention to herself. Being a child, they were not as careful with their conversations around her and she was able to learn more, though she didn’t always know its true significance until she spoke with her mother. While her father was not particularly pleased that she was putting herself in danger, the information she was able to provide was invaluable.

The mother daughter information gathering team continued for another three years, until the end of the Occupation. Once life calmed down into a new routine, Daral returned to his family and tried to integrate into family life, but it was not easy for him. After several months, he joined the Bajoran Militia. It was around this time that Myka’s younger sister, Koris, was born. For her part, Myka went back to formal school and excelled in many of her classes. She had few true friends, though most would consider her a friend as her listening and conversational skills were well-honed from her childhood. Myka also helped her mother care for Koris and was protective of her little sister.

By the time Myka was a teenager, Daral was stationed on Deep Space 9 and from time to time she was allowed to visit. Though she did her best to stay out of the way, she had to admit to being fascinated with the different people there. Through her father and the starbase inhabitants that she gradually befriended, she learned about StarFleet and also saw fellow Bajorans working alongside StarFleet officers. A handful of times she caught a glimpse of the Emissary and eventually her father introduced her to him. Although she only spoke with him a few minutes, he made an impression on her, as did Major Kira – though she was more abrupt than he.

During the Dominion War, however, her visits to Deep Space 9 abruptly ceased. Despite the non-aggression pact that Bajor signed with the Dominion, there was a tension ever present amongst the Bajorans. Instead, she concentrated on her schoolwork and spent time with her family. Despite the age difference, the two sisters had a good rapport; Myka enjoyed helping her younger sister learn about their people. When the war was eventually over, Myka resumed her visits and strengthened some of the friendships she had begun. It was her time at Deep Space 9 that inspired her to apply for StarFleet Academy. Her parents were certainly proud of her, though her mother and sister in particular were sad to see her go

Academy History:

In 2377, Myka was accepted into StarFleet Academy and made the trip to Earth. During her first year she took mostly general courses, unsure what exactly to major in. She slowly made friends there and through conversations with them as well as one of the career counselors, she decided to go into Intelligence.

In her intelligence courses, she found that much of the advice her mother had given her as a child was applicable and thus, she had something of an advantage over her classmates. Myka found that her skills were most aligned with infiltration, which she chose as her major, and information gathering. Already familiar with the Cardassian language, she concentrated on Romulan as well as a few others. To round out her abilities and help her field work, Myka minored in decryption and analytics.

Before her senior year, Myka was assigned to the Sovereign-class USS Pecos for her cadet cruise. While certainly a learning experience, she was not truly able to put her coursework to use. Most of her time was spent analyzing low security level intelligence data and reporting her analysis to the ship’s Chief Intelligence officer. Just before her time on the Pecos was finished, Myka assisted the other Intelligence department members in preparing for a classified infiltration mission. Being a cadet, she was not allowed to accompany them, but being able to help with the mission was exciting regardless.

With a renewed vigor, she returned to Academy to finish out her senior year. Myka had some of the highest marks in her area of concentration, though she was not at the top of her class.

Career History:

After Academy, Myka was assigned as an Intelligence Officer to the Sentinel-class USS Sentinel, newly commissioned and under the command of Captain Brenda Weaver. The assignment seemed well suited to her capabilities; they were tasked with patrolling the demilitarized zone along the Cardassian border as well as the Federation borders with the Ferengi and the Breen. Rentok, a Vulcan man with a background in Intelligence, was Captain Weaver’s Executive Officer. He frequently collaborated with the Intelligence department and became a sort of mentor for Myka.

The area was frequented by pirates and during this time, Myka began networking and building contacts for herself amongst the various starbases and planets the Sentinel visited. She did her best to keep a low profile and rarely roamed around the stations in her uniform. In many cases, she wore a prosthetic on her nose and removed her Bajoran earring to appear human. Myka became adept at altering her appearance and keeping her personas separate by limiting the number she had. During this time she was able to procure information regarding pirates in the area as well as gather information regarding certain people whom StarFleet Intelligence had an interest in.

In 2384, Rentok was promoted to Captain and took over command of the Sentinel. Having seen Myka’s accomplishments, he promoted her to the rank of Lieutenant JG and Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer. She had earned the respect of many of her crewmates, though only a few she considered actual close friends.

During this time, the Sentinel engaged in more covert operations. This gave Myka the opportunity to go undercover and truly put her infiltration skills to the test. The missions assigned to her were not without danger; during one a civilian was murdered and she was nearly killed herself. Only quick thinking and her apparent death at the hands of one of her fellow Intelligence operatives saved her. Myka became withdrawn after the incident, partly blaming herself for an innocent’s death and nearly completely undermining the entire mission. It was her biggest failure to that point and she took it hard. Several sessions with the ship’s counselor as well as some long talks with her parents and sister helped her to move on.

Although partially reluctant to go back out in the field, Rentok slowly rebuilt her confidence in her abilities by giving her assignments with increasing difficulty. This culminated in an undercover operation where she allowed herself to be captured, disguised as a colonist on a planet with a previously unknown species. While captured, she was able to learn about the species and the politics involved. When the opportunity arose once she had the intel she needed, Myka escaped, taking with her the other captives and leading them to safety. Though her original orders were to extract herself once she had the information, her analysis of the situation led her to believe that the others would be killed once it was found that she had escaped and Myka felt she had to act. While the threat of recapture was present, at least they would have a chance to get away.

Myka relayed the information she’d learned to Captain Rentok, but before she could be extracted with the others, the Bajoran was seemingly captured; to the former captives, it looked like she had been stabbed and dragged away. In actuality, two temporal agents from the year 3097 had taken her. They explained to her that they needed more agents with her particular skillset and wanted her to come with them.

Although initially uncertain about the idea, especially with the thought of leaving her family behind, Myka was intrigued by the possibilities and challenges it would present her. She wanted to make a difference and this was certainly a way she could do that.

Upon arriving in the year 3097, Myka was assigned to special courses that would bring her up to speed with the current political and technological state of the time period. Once finished, she was assigned to the USS Clepsydra as an Intelligence Officer and a temporal agent.

Starfleet Service Record;
2377-2380: StarFleet Academy, Intelligence
2380: Cadet Cruise, USS Pecos, Intelligence Cadet
2380-2381: StarFleet Academy, Intelligence
2381-2384: USS Sentinel, Intelligence Officer - Ensign
2384-2386: USS Sentinel, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer – Lieutenant JG
3097-Present: USS Clepsydra, Intelligence Officer & Temporal Agent – Lieutenant JG

StarFleet Service History

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