Tyrlai Zade

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Trill
Played by: Martyrzade

Physical Appearance

Tyrlai is a tall woman of medium build, fit and strong for a Trill. She has crystal-blue almond-shaped eyes and long black hair, often with a single straight braid on the right side along her temple. She is prone to wearing civilian clothing, the tighter the better, in place of her duty uniform. Bright and energetic, she plays on her youthful appearance to cause others to underestimate her abilities. She bears the typical Trill leopard-spotting on bronzed skin. Tyrlai is unusually agile and moves with a smooth grace enhanced by her hosts experience in gymnastics and sword-fighting.


Joining has provided Tyrlai with something that a lifetime of councilors may not have been able to. She has gained the confidence and abilities to escape her life. Tyrlai will still not speak of her experiences in Orion space and does not talk much about her parents, who have disowned her. She is very proud of her accomplishments since graduating from the academy and desires nothing more than to make the best Starfleet officer she can.

She has a love for danger that is slightly disturbing. She seems to have little regard for her own mortality. She is willing to risk everything to achieve a worthwhile goal, she will not however risk other lives as easily and seems to have far more regard for a strangers life than she does for her own.

Tyrlai has a difficult sense of humor. She is mischievous and unrepentantly individual. Her sense of what's funny has been warped by seven hundred years of different humor. She will laugh as much at a recent practical joke as she does at an ancient holo-comedy.

Tyrlai is a skilled negotiator and a fierce fighter. She mixes the energy and exuberance of youth with the vast experience of her symbiont into an unpredictable and volatile combination that is at once; disarming, practical, skilled, efficient, frightening, intelligent and dangerous.

Pre-Service Biography

Tyrlai was a troubled girl. She left Trill at age 13, stowing away on a freighter. She lived as a thief, going from world to world in cargo compartments. Six months after leaving Trill, the freighter she was in was ambushed and captured by Orion pirates. She was found by the pirates and sold with the rest of the cargo. She was purchased by an Orion captain named Gelra, a woman with a hideous flare for inflicting pain.

She lived the next two years as a slave. Her fierce independent spirit led to many beatings and almost to her demise on two occasions. During an ill advised attack on a federation diplomatic transport ship (believed to be carrying a wide array of valuable gifts)-- which turned out to in fact be the Federation heavy cruiser Sovereign, Gelra's fleet was decimated and her own ship boarded.

The Ambassador aboard Sovereign had been fatally wounded in the assault. The ship itself was crippled and it's warp-core was offline. The Ambassador was Eledzar Zade of Trill, after his death it became apparent that Tyrlai was Zade's only chance for survival and despite some minor protests on her part they were joined.

Tyrlai Zade was returned to Trill and welcomed with marked disapproval including an unconstitutional attempt to have the prestigious Zade symbiont forcibly removed from 'that gutter whore.' Two governors took the girl under their wing, desperately trying to somehow shape the girl into something more acceptable for a symbiont that was three times the Prime Minister of Trill. They pulled some strings and got her accepted at Starfleet Academy. They shielded her from the unwanted attention of Trill society.

Tyrlai was an uneven student at the academy. Her host's knowledge of Diplomacy and Psychology let her breeze through those sections. The girl was adequate in Science and applied technology. She was disruptive and uncooperative and was often disciplined for minor breaches of decorum. Tyrlai, however, excelled at Security procedures and combat tactics. Her fierce independent spirit and unpredictable nature led her team to victory in the 2380 Tactical Simulation Competition, and to her only commendation in her Academy career. She barely graduated.

Once she graduated, strings were pulled for her once again. She was given a position at her request on the ship that 'rescued' her from the pirates. She was assigned to the USS Sovereign, as a ships councilor. A post she excelled at. Tyrlai Zade loved helping people, Tyrlai's own experiences alone in the universe meshed well with the Zade symbionts desire to lead a quieter life this time around, and, to the great displeasure of accepted Trill society, they combined very harmoniously.
Tyrlai Zade was much more confident and capable than Tyrlai had been. She was also brasher and far wilder than Zade could remember being. Even the harshest detractors of this unacceptable host have reluctantly admitted that the result is nothing short of amazing. Tyrlai Zade might even find herself quietly welcomed if she were to return to Trill. She remembers all too well her initial reception however, and has vowed not to set foot on the planet again.

Author Martyrzade
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