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Tyro Adina

Commander Tyro Cayuga Adina

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Illecom, United Federation of Planets
Played by: haven

Physical Appearance

Tyro is an athletically built, redheaded officer with freckles. She is somewhat androgynous, described to hold an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation to her. When her hair is up as it often is, a green-black device can be seen in the back of her neck.


Tyro is an explorer. As a leader, something of a maverick, Tyro strongly pursues knowledge. She rejects nothing out of hand, and follows her principles sooner than the rule of law. She applies the scientific method to every situation, and considers most decisions to fit into the scope of experimentation, rather than considering if something is 'right' or 'wrong.'

Tyro is a highly intelligent, impulsive, creative leader. She is unwilling to sacrifice her opinions or her beliefs for the sake of diplomacy, and in many ways comes to represent the best and worst in starfleet.

Pre-Service Biography

Tyro was born Tyler, the son of a researcher working for the prevalent WholeCore Corporation. She belonged to a long family lineage of terraformers, and grew up in the habitation structures of an inhospitable world, Tyro is a spacer, and only began to absorb Earth culture when she began her studies on Saturn in the home system. Tyro began to identify as a girl at an early age, holding an enduring reverence for her mother and sister, both of whom lost their lives in the Dominion War while she was young. After the war, she lived aboard Jupiter Station, where her official education began in earnest.

Tyro was a bad student on Jupiter. She exhibited problems with authority, and a tendency to isolation, preferring to spend time with her brother as he worked in the Station's security arm. With only her brother and aging father for family, Tyro carved herself a significant degree of autonomy. When her brother Tyson was accepted to Starfleet Academy and left for Earth, Tyro ran away from home to do the same.

On Earth, she found her presence was smothering for Tyson, and took to exploring and travelling and taking advantage of the Earthnet that prevented all poverty and suffering. She studied for herself, getting her primary diploma only after being accepted into the entrance exams for Starfleet Academy. She moved into the San Francisco student burbs at age 17.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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