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Val Rock

Valentino Leonides Rock

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Lake Taupo - New Zealand - Earth
Played by: strazz

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’3
Weight: 220 lbs
Eye colour: Steel grey
Hair colour: Black and wavy, short

Skin tone: Val has a tanned complexion which reflects the many places he’s been to in the Federation and his Maori heritage.

Distinguishing marks: If his body was a record of his life in the Marines then it would tell you he’s been in many conflicts, some with barely a scratch to him and others a reminder he’s lucky to have come through alive. He has many tattoos on his body and replaces those he gets tired of.


Likes - Likes old videos and music from the 20th & 21st century, mostly action and comedy with a good dose of westerns and if there’s a combined choice like Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer movies even better. For music he has an eclectic taste that spans both centuries. Enjoys a good time and looks for it when on leave, he use to be the most likely to be found in jail on a disorderly charge as a marine but left that all behind when he became a Sgt. Now likes to sit and watch and see the world go by or build something, anything from start to finish. Also likes to meditate when he feels hes loosing focus. Has a thing for yappie nuts, chineses dumplings, hotdogs in a bun.

Dislikes - Any Op. that goes south and him in the middle of it. In the past he was prone to voice any objections but has since learnt to curb that habit. Not a fan of any curry or the insides of sea urchins or Kina as its called back home.

Strengths/Talents: Val has a high threshold for pain, always has and it runs through his family. Well versed in squad to company level tactics. Is highly proficient in Akido and can fly or drive just about anything smaller than a starship as well as do some field repairs. Has growing skills in geology and construction to reflect his involvement in terraforming projects.

Weakness: As much as Val wants to see something be built eventually he will get the wander lust. He is not a garrison or parade marine and he never will be as that is a part of the marines that has never appealed to him. Light sleeper in the field. Doesn’t like staying in one place for more than a year though a starship is okay.

Ambitions: Travel the galaxy and feel the soil of a 1000 worlds under his feet.

Hobbies and Interests: Plays the guitar and the piccolo, watches old movies to all hours of the night with a large bucket of buttered popcorn. Val also has an ongoing interest in terraforming and of course combat engineering.

Pre-Service Biography

Born at Lake Taupo New Zealand Earth, Val grew up in the resort town next to the the lake learning to fish and on nearby Mt. Ruapehu to ski and snow board. While his father was constantly away with his work to the Federation correctional facility his mother ensured a stable home life, bringing up both their boys in the New Zealand fresh air.

Time passed and both boys grew up healthy and strong with a love of music but there the similarity for the boys stopped, while Val was a explorer, thrill seeker and rebel John was more disciplined and responsible. Normally such differences would polarise the brothers as opposites but instead this forged a strong bond that lasts to this day.

It was during a hunting trip at the base of Mt Ruapehu that Val first met a Starfleet Marine, he had been tracking some of the wild horses known to be running free in the region and was hoping to capture a few to sell to the army so he could pay for a new snowboard unfortunately he fell down a steep incline chasing one of the horses and broke a couple of ribs including his left leg, all this and no way to signal back that he was in trouble and no habitation around for miles and miles. It was 3 days later when a weaken Val was found in a small natural alcove with the rotted insides of a sheep carcass for warmth already there by a Starfleet Marine, one of a number of volunteers who had joined the search for him when he failed to call in 2 days before. It was from that day once Val found out who had found him and what he was that he became interested in who and what the Starfleet Marines were.

It was also during this time that Val who was cruising through his schooling found that he would need to pick up his efforts in this area if he hoped to be a marine. Fortunately for Val his desire to be a marine would soon come to fruition once he finished school, his grades weren’t startling but they were enough to get him into the Corps.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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