Valiyi 1

Valiyi Uhin

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Betazed
Played by: Shi

Physical Appearance

Valiyi leans toward a 'dainty' and slender figure, with delicate features. Her expression, in most cases, will remain placid and inviting, while her posture remains non-imposing and indicative of patience and an open ear. While striding about the ship, she wears flowing layers, but always neat and clean, letting neither the stress of the day or a potential accident tarnish her attempts at a pristine appearance. She will rarely be caught nude, despite the Betazoid cultural views on the matter, as she finds herself viewing modesty above all else around a mixed crew.


As is expected of an officer with a diplomatic history, Valiyi is a highly sociable person, able to strike up conversation and adapt to many situations that call for her expertise. She is well-organized and quick to adapt, if necessary, capable of placating even some of the most ornery delegates. She has a well-trained patience, serene exterior, and a poker face that makes even some of her peers envious. While sitting at the chair, that is exactly how she seems, able to represent both the ship and the Federation as a whole.

For all of her ability to keep cool under pressure and issue commands as necessary, Valiyi's experience does not extend far past the diplomatic realm. She has trained her skills as starship captain, and researched the best battles, but nothing comes close to the field time she would need. The confidence she appears to have in the chair and on the field does not cease, but she defers to experts and senior staff before issuing a command. While this may have an obvious effect on her reaction time and capabilities, she does not see this as a weakness on her own, which could be a potential foresight. Since her retirement from Starfleet, she has only taken this knowledge with her.

When she is not sitting at the chair, Valiyi is a vibrant woman who considers herself 'the epitome of what every Betazoid should not be.' While her abilities as a Betazoid extend to empathy and forms of telepathy, she has honed her abilities to attempt to butt out of everyone else's business, on the general. Despite this, she makes every attempt to appear inviting and trustworthy, qualities which she has every intention of having, while battling the stigma that comes with being a Betazoid; that they read and feel everything.

Pre-Service Biography

Valiyi was the middle of five children born of the Uhin family of Betazed, who were not traditionally known as being noble or prominent in society. The lack of social obligation to conventional Betazoid society allowed the clan to travel amongst the stars in an old freighter passed down the family line, lugging cargo for whoever decided to take a chance on the small vessel. Life for Valiyi and her siblings consisted of learning about the cargo trade and about those who partook in the family's services. She soon became obsessed with learning all she could from other cultures, so much so that she would not realize her parents were dealing in business that would have otherwise been considered 'unconventional.

Not all was peace and happiness. There were confrontations, the first of which Valiyi witnessed when her father accepted a deal from a member of a race they had not yet encountered. Her parents, jovial folk who loved conversation, found themselves ingrained in a situation that involved 'weapons,' a term Valiyi had then associated with phasers and blades used by Klingon warlords. While she would never determine the true nature of that initial deal, she knew her parents were less than pleased with the cargo they would end up hauling.

It would not be the last of their turmoil either. As the Uhin children grew, so to did the tensions between political powers within the Quadrants. Valiyi would learn of this herself by investigating databases and news networks and keeping herself informed.

Not wishing harm upon their children, both parents would make all attempts to avoid clientele who were too politically aligned, forcing them to take jobs that were of an unsavory nature. This would lead to the death of Valiyi's oldest brother, Obel, who attempted to step in and aid their mother when a small group of Cardassians were not happy with their returned cargo. In order to protect the remainder of their children, Valiyi and her sister, Miali, were urged to join Starfleet by both parents, hoping to keep them as far away from the bad omens they kept stumbling into.

Just as swiftly as they made the urging, both sisters were dropped off on Utopia Planitia, watched over by family friend Linas Soi. At age sixteen, Valiyi would spend much of her time over the next year cramming as much information into her head in order to prepare herself for the Starfleet entrance exam. Her sister seemed more interested in socializing with those around her, interests and goals lying in an 'easier life.'

Valiyi's studies would pay off, being admitted to the Academy in 2365. While she was initially torn between the schools of diplomacy and science, Valiyi would go on to tailor her classes that would complement careers in either field. She absorbed languages as opportunities presented themselves, got to know her fellow cadets, and studied under instructors who imparted their wisdom upon her.

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