Xinjo 1

Xinjo S'ziekiel

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Tzan'th Prime
Played by: K.Thorne

Physical Appearance

The Tzan'th species are mostly humanoid with the average male ranging between 6 ft & 6 ft 7 in hieght and the average female approximately 5'10 to 6 ft

The male's skull is roughly humanoid with pronounced ridges (similar to Klingon cranial ridges) which run over the crown of the scull and down the spine. From puberty (approx 38 years in this species) these ridges begin to grow serrated spines from between the cavities.

Their skin is predominently a solid grey with females being a lighter shade.

Females also lack the serrated spines which the male's grow as they age.

The Tzan'th also enjoy long lifespans by humanoid standards, with most Tzan'th living several centuries or more.

Aside from these features the Tzan'th closely resemble most other humanoid species in terms of physical appearance with one other key difference - appendages.

Each member of the species possesses only four digits on each hand however they still possess an opposable thumb similar to most other humanoid spiecies.


Xinjo is a very spiritual individual - believing that each action & decision he makes should compliment his ultimate quest for enlightenment.

He displays a complete respect and compassion for all life forms no matter how insignificant, as part of his religion he has taken an oath to never extinguish the life of another living with very few exceptions.

One being the welfare and survival of the many over the needs of the one

To this end, Xinjo is an individual prepared to die for his belief, one if necessary would place himself in direct harms way to protect another life form.

In terms of intelligence, the Tzan'th are a highly developed species with an intelligence and a capacity to understand that often exceeds that of many other life forms. They have a unique sense of perception, able to see clear patterns In what other spiecies would consider chaos.

Pre-Service Biography

The Tzan'th are a highly spiritual race with a cultural history spanning back over 200,000 years.

The Tzan'th believe in spiritual honour and the quest for enlightenment. The Tzan'th ethos could be paralleled to that of teachings of many far eastern religions on earth such as those from ancient China and Japan.

About the closest parallel between Tzan'th culture and a human culture would be the practice of Aikido or "the way of the harmonious spirit”

The Tzan'th are however primarily agnostic, they believe in a higher being of existence but believe it would be wrong to call it a god but merely another level of evolution. They value life above everything else, believing that every life & life form is precious and afforded basic rights such as the right to life weather a confirmed sentient being or otherwise.

These ethics are deeply rooted in Tzan'th culture and many religious followings on the Tzan'th homework use this ideology as their foundation.

The Tzan'th compassion for all living things have earned them a reputation amongst the galactic community as a sort of interstellar Green Party, however some respect their compassion for all living things as a beacon of enlightenment and co-existence in true harmony with nature.

The Tzan'th governmental structure is predominently a commonwealth & comprises of two separate but co-existing governments:

The Parlement of the Commonwealth- which deals with local issues and matters pertaining to the day to day management & logistics of the Tzan'th commonwealth.
It's members are free to act on these matters without consulting the other government, and it's members are elected officials, lead by a Prime minister

The parliament can take part in debates and actions on matters that relate to wider issues however they must consult the Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders - the Council of Elders retain responsibility for all matters relating to diplomacy and spiritual matters that might affect the Commonwealth.

They have no jurisdiction to comment on municipal matters or matters dealt with by Parliment, unless those matters come into conflict with the councils spiritual obligations and or any of the laws relating to the rights of life forms.

The Council merely act as advisors in Most of these cases however they do retain an overuleing power over paliment if a agreeable decision cannot be made.

The Tzan'th do hold a standing Miliatary, though it could be considered that the termination of life would be against the values of the Tzan'th, their Miliatary acts more as a deterrent to greedy factions who would try to exploit their hospitality. The Council directly administer the Miliatary and only an official who holds the position of Grand Master can issue an authority to use lethal force.


Xinjo S’ziekiel was born 2310, Yuìzon Province, Tzan’th Prime.

He was born as a single child due to overpopulation restrictions imposed on the province at the time.

Much of Xinjo’s childhood progressed uneventfully Sometime in his adolescence Xinjo explored his spirituality and began a personal quest for enlightenment.

Before first contact was made with the federation. Xinjo was employed in the Tzan'th scientific institute - exploration division. Specifically he was an expedition planning and development supervisor.

His role would see him planning scientific expeditions to unexplored sectors.

It was on one such expedition that first contact was made with the United federation of Planets.

Soon after first contact Xinjo requested an assignment to study the human race more closely, finding them a rather intregueing race as never before had the Tzan'th come across another race so focused on exploration.

The Council approved and soon after Xinjo joined Starfleet in hopes of studying the human curiosity closer.

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