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Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Dosa II
Played by: crimsyn

Physical Appearance

Zyta is tall and powerfully built, a product of her Dosi genes and upbringing, the demands of being a security officer, and her frequent use of the exercise facilities.

She wears a traditional Dosi headpiece while on duty which covers all but her face, as well as black gloves. Her face is always painted in traditional Dosi patterns – white and blue stripes and dots on a red background. The physical structure of the Dosi face is similar to that of humans, though any markings distinguishing her from a human are concealed by the face paint.


Zyta’s aloofness combined with her physical stature gives her an intimidating presence, one she does little to counter with her mannerisms. She tries to display a tough exterior to the world, but deep down, she has feelings of loneliness which she has only ever talked to Rilem about. She is very dedicated to her duties and her physical training. Finally, she is nothing if not honourable, and tries to follow the Dosi Code of Honour to the best of her ability, so long as it does not interfere with her duties as a Starfleet officer. She is a demanding leader, and sometimes has difficulty managing her anger.

Most of her hobbies revolve around physical activity – working out, fencing, training with bladed weapons, etc. She is skilled at wrestling, and was a champion at the academy.

Pre-Service Biography

While allies of the Dominion, the Dosi were minor players and thus were allowed significant latitude to engage in trade and economic negotiations under the rule of the Founders, so long as they didn’t draw too much attention to themselves.

It was a family of traders Zyta was born into, the only child of Logati and Zyra. When she turned 13, she began apprenticing under her parents, like most Dosi children. With the Dominion War over, business was booming for the Dosi, who filled a niche trading in exotic goods on both sides of the wormhole.

Two years later, she was with her parents when they were shaken down for their cargo by Orion space pirates. Like true Dosi, her parents put up a valiant effort, but both were killed. Hiding in a cargo container at the behest of her mother, she heard the final screams of her parents. However, before the cargo could be transported to the Orion vessel, they were chased off by the Galaxy-class USS Liberty, under the command of the Vulcan Captain T’Espera.

Under the Dosi code of honour, she could not return to her home planet. Being saved by a “lesser being” showed weakness. Further, under the Dosi code of honour, she was bound to T’Espera. The captain thus made the logical decision of allowing her to stay on board, where she attended school and in her spare time volunteered in various departments. Doing so, she impressed the captain, who recommended a career in Starfleet. With her captain’s letter of recommendation, Zyta became the first Dosi accepted into Starfleet Academy.

At the academy, Zyta was a decent student. Her GPA was above average, but her grades were uneven – she did very well in some courses and poorly in others. She did not socialize much with others, and not having extensive social networks or study groups to rely upon for support, it was difficult for her to get assistance with the classes and assignments that she struggled with. She excelled in athletics, but preferred individual sports such as boxing and wrestling to team sports. She was the academy champion at women’s wrestling, and was also chosen to represent the fleet in the annual Fleet versus Marine Corps boxing match, where after 15 gruelling rounds she lost by a split decision – the closest the fleet had come to winning in recent memory.

Perhaps naturally, given her athletic ability, she went into the security and tactical stream at Starfleet Academy.

In 2385, she was approached by a Betazed male by the name of Rilem Setox who was studying medicine at the academy. Initially, she rejected him. But he was very... persistent. They dated until 2387, when right before graduation, Rilem finally proposed to her. Zyta accepted, and they absconded to Las Vegas for a quick wedding.

However their time together was short lived as Rilem was assigned to the USS Hood and Zyta was assigned to the USS Bamako, a Sunbird-class vessel. For the next four years, they remained married, though they were unable to see each other aside from on various leaves as they were both assigned to separate assignments. During this time they each carried on an open relationship in accordance with Betazed customs. Zyta had a few partners during this time.

After graduation from Starfleet Academy, she was posted to a variety of mostly mundane assignments. While she remained somewhat aloof from most of her comrades, her attention to duty was noticed and it was not long before she began moving up the ranks. She was assigned to the Nightingale in 2392 as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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