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Ready to sit in the chair?

Welcome to Command Academy

Command is not just a comfortable chair in the middle of everything. There is a lot to taking a sim out there to the undiscovered country. So have a seat and we can get started showing you everything that Obsidian Fleet has to offer in assistance and everything that you will need to know to make your SIM top notch.


Keeping A Crew: Player Engagement and Disputes

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Standard

Engagement of your players is crucial to be a successful sim. Research has shown that games with an engaged CO and an active community are significantly more likely to be…

IFS Resources and You: The Center Chair

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Standard

Through your career as a Commanding Officer in Obsidian Fleet, one of the main resources available to you is the website, IFS. This is the central hub of the community…

The Kobyashi Maru: The Ultimate Finale

Length: 30 minutesComplexity: Standard

You’re almost there! Well, it’s been an exciting time in the Obsidian Fleet CO Academy, and you’re almost done! There’s just a few final words and The Kobyashi Maru. Every…