Peregrine Class Fighter

The Peregrine Fighter was Starfleet’s first attempt at a heavy fighter design. It was developed in 2367 and designed to help in fleet actions by causing the enemy vessels to split their fire amongst multiple targets, whilst delivering a powerful punch itself. Capable of a top cruise speed of warp 4.5 it has a similar speed to that of a Valkyrie, allowing it to operate short distances away from its homebase or carrier vessel. However, it is common practice for these vessels to be used at impulse.

During the Dominion war, the Peregrin was pressed into service and the class saw heavy losses. One of the most prominent battles the Peregrin Class saw action in was the battle to reclaim Deep Space 9 from the Dominion-Cardassian Alliance.

Although these ships come in several different models, Obsidian Fleet uses the two-man heavy fighter variant. This design has two type U+ pulse phaser cannons as well as the type IV phaser. Optionally six full-sized photon/quantum torpedoes may be used in addition to this- although this has an adverse effect on the ships maneuverability.


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