Sphinx Class Workpod

The Sphinx Class Workpod is classed as an industrial manipulator, and is used in a variety of functions in shipyards, construction sites, bases, and on ships themselves. The Sphinx can bee equipped with a multitude of tools that are not available on the Brunel model, making the Sphinx a much better choice for work in construction projects. The Sphinx is powered by a single microfusion generator, but is also equipped with 12 micro RCS thrusters to allow for very fine adjustments when necessary.

The Sphinx Class Workpod is available in 3 subtypes. Additionally the main unit can be equipped as needed for specialized jobs.

Sphinx Subtypes:

Type M1A:
The Sphinx M1A workpod was classed as a light industrial manipulator.

Type M2A:
The Sphinx M2A was classed as a medium industrial manipulator.

Type MT3D:
The Sphinx MT3D was a medium tug, and could accommodate two crew members, a pilot and a cargo specialist.


Crew: 1


Length: 6.2 metres

Width: 2.6 metres

Height: 2.5 metres