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Odyssey Class

Note: Only one Odyssey Class per Task Force.


CategoryDiplomatic / Support
Duration200 years
Resupply7 years
Refit10 years
Cruising SpeedWarp 7.8
Maximum SpeedWarp 9.5
Emergency SpeedWarp 9.55 (for 16 hours)
Auxiliary Craft
FightersGryphon Fighter/Bomber: 6
Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighter: 12
RunaboutsCaptain`s Yacht – Sovereign Runabout: 1
Danube Runabout: 4
Arrow Runabouts: 4
ShuttlesHunley Shuttle: 2
Type 11 Shuttle: 3
Type 9 Shuttle: 10
WorkpodsBrunel Workpod: 12
Defensive SystemsAblative Armour
Shielding SystemsAuto-Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Regenerative Shielding
PhasersType XII Array: 12
TorpedosBurst Fire Quantum Torpedo Launcher: 4
– Quantum Torpedo: 604
Tri-Cobalt Devices: 6

Deck Listing

Deck 1 – Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Observation Lounge, Executive Officer’s Office

Deck 1A – Intelligence Blister

Deck 2 – Civilian Operations, Federation Main Embassy, Secondary Communications Array, Shield Generator, Observation lounge(Civilian) Arboretum Level 1, Transporter Room 1

Deck 3 – Arboretum Level 2, VIP Quarters, Holodeck 1, Theatre Top Floor, Art Gallery, Observation lounge(Civilian)

Deck 4 – Arboretum Level 3, Ambassadorial Function area, Art Gallery, Theatre Middle Floor, Art Workshop, Bar Lounge, Small lounge areas X 4

Deck 5 – Arboretum Level 4. VIP Quarters, Theatre Ground Floor, Captain’s Dining Room

Deck 6 – Arboretum Ground Level. Holodeck 2, Embassy Way, Transporter Room 2, VIP/Guest Holodeck, VIP/Guest Holosuites (6), VIP/Guest Gym and Spa, Lounge , Event Coordinators Office, Meeting Rooms (12), Banquet Halls (3), Galleys (3), Translation Services Office, Conference Halls (3), Exhibition Hall

Deck 7Medical Dedicated Deck Medical Department Administrative Office Complex, Chief Medical Officer’s Office, Primary Sickbay, Medical Transporter Room 3-6, Pharmacy #1, Sickbay Main Computer, Medical Team Support, Radiation Therapy Unit, Medical/Surgical Ward, Resuscitation Unit, Biohazard and HazMat Unit and Decontamination Facility, Isolation Unit, Mass Inoculation Clinic, Triage Centre, Shock Trauma Centre, Patient Care Rooms (60), Intensive Care Unit #1, Intensive Care Unit #3 (Trauma), Burn Unit, Neonate Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Nursery, Labor and Delivery Suites, Intermediate Care Unit, Neuro Stepdown Unit, Artificial Organ and Limb Lab, Surgical Suites 1-14, Medical Imaging Lab, Medical Holodecks 1-4, Medical Holosuites (6)

Deck 8Medical Dedicated Deck Physician Offices, Medical Crew Quarters, Medical Library, Pediatric Clinics, Dental Clinic, OB/GYN Clinic, Cardiology Clinic, Family Health Centre, Medical Records, Pharmacy #2, Intensive Care Unit #2, Orthopedic Clinic, Chaplains Office, Psychology Labs 1-3, Psychiatry Labs 1-3, Surgical Suites 15-24, Medical Holodecks 3-5, Medical Holosuites 13-22, Medical Laboratories, Forensics Lab, DNA Mapping and Sequence Lab, Biomedical Research Lab, Physical Therapy Unit, Null Gravity Therapy Ward, Environmental Simulation Holodeck

Deck 9Operations Dedicated Deck Second Officers Office, Deuterium Storage, Operations/Logistics Administrative Office Complex and Operations Centre, Chief Operation Officers Office, Ships Power Coordination and Distribution Centre, Logistics Office Complex, Quartermaster’s Office, Operational Mobility Centre, Conference Rooms (4)

Deck 10Civilian Promenade INCLUDES Shops, restaurants, and businesses – Lounge/Bar, Restaurants, Tailor, Barber, Jewelers, General Traders, Antiques, Observation lounge(Civilian) X4, Transporter Room 7, Cargobay 1, Civilian Quarters, Holosuites (3), Conference Center, Caucus Rooms (2), Ship School, Nursery, Computer Center, Multimedia Center

Deck 11Counseling Dedicated Deck Chief Counsellors Office, Counseling Suites x 6, Mass Evacuation Transporters, Family Cabins, Small garden area. Holodecks 3,4 &5, Ships Chapel (Holo emitter enabled)

Deck 12Diplomatic Office Deck Press Briefing Rooms (2), Reception Rooms (8), Grand Ballroom (can be split into 2 separate ballrooms), Ballrooms (2), Concert Hall, Observation Lounge, Legal Library, Courtroom, Legal Counsel Chambers, Transporter Room (VIP), Airlock (VIP), Aide Station, Security Office, Federation Consulate Office

Deck 13Starfleet Academy Dedicated Deck Superintendent’s Office, Vice Superintendents Office, Senior Instructor’s Office Storage Facility 1, Simulation Deck 1 & 2, Cargobay 2, Cadet Quarters. Cadet Dedicated Holodeck 6 & 7

Deck 14Starfleet Academy Dedicated Deck Zero Gravity Training facility, Triage Centre, Academy Medical Training Centre, Medical Instructors Office, Science Instructors Office, Shuttlebay 1 Ground Level Academy Science Labs, Academy Fitness Centre, Academy Engineering Labs, Academy Security Training Centre, Cargobays 3 and 4, Cadet Quarters, Transporter Room 8, Shuttlebay 1 Storage

Deck 15Flight Control Dedicated Deck Chief of Flight Control’s Office, Flight Simulators, Flight Control Administrative Offices, Shuttlebay 1 Upper Level, Crew Quarters, Armory

Deck 16 – Shuttlebay 1 Lower Level, Captain’s Quarters Level 1, Library, Gymnasium 3, Cadet Quarters, Junior Officers Quarters, Storage Facility 2, Replication Unit 1 & 2, Ship Pool (Standard Olympic Size) and Kiddie water play area.

Deck 17 – Captain’s Quarters Level 2(Main Entry), Senior Staff Quarters, Visiting Flag Staff’s Offices and VIP Quarters, Armoury, Transporter Room 9

Deck 18Dedicated Science Deck: Stellar Cartography, Main Science Labs, Chief of Science’s Office – Astrometric Lab – Hydroponics

Deck 19Security Dedicated Deck Chief of Security Office, Main Security Offices, Main Brig, Weapons Lockers, Security Phaser Range, and Security Training Holodecks 1-4

Deck 20 – Computer Core Level 1, Maintenance Control, Maintenance Room 1

Deck 21 – Deflector Array, Deuterium Storage, Deflector Control, Graviton Generators 5-8, Shuttlebay 2 Upper Level, Computer Core Level 2, Main Life Support, Deuterium Storage, Deuterium Injectors, Armoury, Cargobays 5 &6

Deck 22 – Deflector Array, Deuterium Fill Ports and Storage, Engineering Support, Parts Storage, Secondary Computer Core, RCS Thruster Control System Access, Power Distribution Subsystems, Multi-Purpose Adaptable Bays 9-16, Small Cargo Holds (40), Fore Tractor Emitter (x2) Shuttlebay 2 Ground Level, Computer Core Level 3, Deuterium Storage, Transporter Room 10

Deck 23 – Deflector Array, Deflector Control, Officers Quarters, Cargobay 7, Transporter Room 11, Torpedo Storage, Fore Torpedo Launchers, Probe Storage, Probe Manufacturing and Maintenance Shop, Computer Core Level 4, Tactical Information Centre Level 1, Battle Staff Situation Room, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations Center, Emergency Bridge Facility Level 1 (CO, Helm, Ops, Tactical-1), Secondary Armory, Enlisted Affairs

Deck 24 – Computer Core Level 5, Cargobay 8, Tactical Information Centre Level 2, TACCOM, Emergency Evacuation Quarters, Coffee Mess, Emergency Bridge Facility Level 2 (Tactical-2, XO, Engineering, Science ), Warrant Officer’s Barracks, Warrant Officers Lounge

Deck 25 – Industrial Replicators (6),Torpedo Bay 3 Control & Storage, Tractor Beam Control, Shoring Workshop (includes dedicated industrial replicator and cargo transporter), Tool Design and Repair Shop, Large Weapon and Torpedo Magazines (4), Torpedo Magazine and Manufacturing Bay, Ordnance Design and Manufacturing Facility, Cargo Lift (8)

Deck 26 – Primary Communications Array, Crew Quarters, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Secondary Shield Generator, Private Communications Facility, Holodeck 8. Damage Control Locker, Yeoman Offices (x2)Primary Damage Control Centre, Damage Control Supply Holds 1-4

Deck 27 – Cargobay 9 & 10, Torpedo Storage, Aft Torpedo Launchers Crew Quarters, Enlisted Quarters, Holodeck 9 & 10

Deck 28 – Engineering Level 1, Transporter Room 12, Industrial Replicators (3), Tool and Equipment Replication Shop with 2 Industrial Replicators, Aid Station, Medical Supply Lockers (2), Operations and Damage Control Staff Situation Room, Ships Fire Control Centre, Maintenance Bay 2, Upper core injection assembly, Primary Power Distribution Node and Controls, Primary SIF Generators, SIF Maintenance and Monitoring, Storage Lockers 1-3.

Deck 29Main Engineering (horizontal tri-cores), Chief Engineer’s Office, Engineering Administrative Office Complex and Operations Centre, Graviton Generators 1-4, Chief Engineer’s Office, Aide Station, Coffee Mess, Ancillary Damage Control Operations and Coordination Centre, Conference Rooms (4), Engineering Imaging Lab, Aft Warp Core Ejection Units, Tertiary Shield Generator, Mass Evacuation Transporters 3 & 4, Transporter Room 13

Deck 30 – Engineering Level 3, Transporter Rooms 14 – 16, Cargo Transporters 6-8, Life Support Systems, Design and Schematic Storage Computer System, Docking port, Environmental Control and Life Support, Aid Station, Transport Storage Bay and Loading Facility, Transport Craft Lift

Deck 31Intel Working Group Office Complex, Intel Intelligence Analysis Facility, Intel Cryptanalysis/Signals Analysis Facility, Intel Communications Facility, Intel Network Data Centre and Computer Complex, Intel Briefing Rooms (4), Intel Secure Holding and Interrogation Facility, Aid Station, Cargobays 11 & 12

Deck 32Marine County, Marine Headquarters and Administrative Office Complex, Marine CO’s Office, Marine XO’s Office, Marine Officers Quarters, Tactical Operations Centre, Marine Current Actions and Intel Centre, Marine Communications Centre, Marine Barracks, Marine Transporter Rooms 1-4, Marine Training Facilities, Main Armory, Phaser Range, Hand to Hand Combat Training Facility, Ammunition Replication Suites (2), Small Arms Manufacturing Bay, Portable Combat Weapons Manufacturing Bay, Heavy Weapons Manufacturing Bay, Urban Combat Operations Training Facility, Marine Classrooms 1-6, Marine Loading Docks 1-4, Marine Cargo Transporters 1-4, Portable Command Centre Module Storage, Portable Weapon and Ammunition Replicators (24), Portable Combat Support Replicators (24), ILBE Field Packs (350), Weapons Lockers (32), Marine Officers Mess, Marines Wardrooms 1-3, Marine Galley, Coffee Mess, Maintenance, Cargo bays, Marine Medical Facility

Deck 33 – Antimatter Storage Pods , Environmental Control, Antimatter Injection Reactors, Antimatter Storage Pods, Engineering Support Labs, Aerospace Stress Lab, Aerospace Structural Lab, Flight Spectrum Simulation Lab, Computer Engineering Lab #2, Information Technology Lab, Control Systems Lab, Sensor Systems Lab, Nano-Technology Lab, Emergency Batteries, Secondary Antimatter & Deuterium storage

Deck 34 – Engineering Support,Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, Coastal and Hydraulics Lab, Topographic Engineering Centre, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, Sensor Arrays, Primary Machine Shop, Holodecks 11,12 & 13

Deck 35 – Squadron Commander’s Quarters, Pilot Locker Room, Pilot Lounge, Pilot Mess Hall, CAG’s Office and Quarters, Assistant CAG’s Office and Quarters, Air Boss’s Office and Quarters, Ancillary Security Office, Conference Rooms (2), Briefing Rooms (4) Drop Hanger Level 3

Deck 36 – Drop Hanger Level 2, Pilot Quarters, Squadron Briefing Room, Wing CO and XO Quarters, Communications, Wing Intel Office, Wing Tactical Planning Office, Imaging Suite

Deck 37 – Drop Hangar Level 1, Aft Tractor Emitter (x2), Transporter Room 17, Pod Short-range Tracking Sensors, Landing Assistance Tractor Beam, Sensor Control, Tractor Control, Aid Station

Ships of the Line

  • USS Elysium
  • USS Arcadia
  • USS Asphodel
  • USS Utopia