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Database Help

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This document will guide you through how to navigate and update the database. This is designed to be edited and curated by all members, although key OF staff will have moderation powers over these articles. Please edit and create responsibly, and if you need something deleted/moved, or have an issue, do not hesitate to contact Fleet Services.


When looking through the database, there are three main ways to look at articles. You can take a quick peak at the most Recently Created articles or our Top Categories [1]; you can search documents to find specific terms and phrases [2]; or you can click Complete Article Listing and see all articles sorted by category [3]. Examples of these actions are displayed below.




Adding Content

If you feel you need to add your own content, like a new article, please follow these steps.

  1. First, seek and search for your article or topic using the methods above – ensure your content is not already in the database. Check alternate search terms and ask other common Database editors.
  2. Logged in and in the Database section, go to the top menubar and click +NEW and Knowledgebase
  3. Give your article an appropriate title and then begin filling in content. Also, ensure your article has at least one category – Under Construction is acceptable to start.
  4. Once you’ve completed your article (or its first draft, under construction), you may Submit for Review.
  5. You may continue editing (see below) even if your article is not approved yet.

Once your article is approved, it will be published and live. You can continue to make edits and submit them for approval.

Editing Content

If something needs editing, you as a member can do so. But please take care and perhaps even communicate with the creator or last updater first. Please follow these steps to edit articles.

NOTE: As of this article’s last update, you can only edit your own articles.

  1. Go back into the Dashboard or click the Edit Article button, both located in the admin bar.
  2. Then you can find your articles (from the Dashboard and the Knowledgebase area). When you hover over a title, you can edit, preview, or delete.
  3. When you click Edit, you can now update the article just like with adding a new article.
  4. Submit for Review and you should be good to go!


Infoboxes are specially-styled tables here in IFS. They are a part of the TablePress tools and the easiest way to get started is copy an existing table and edit it. Here is how you can make this happen, in basic steps:

  1. First, find TablePress in the Dashboard menu. Then find the table you want to copy (or start fresh by adding).
  2. Once you are in the table, you should edit the title, and then begin editing the contents.
  3. There are also numerous commands below the table contents to edit/delete/duplicate/add rows and columns. These are helpful especially when you get into longer tables.
  4. Once you are done, you can save your work. But before you save, if this is an Infobox for the Database, make sure to give it the “db-infobox” style:

    Far more information is available on the style options for our tables in this Table Styling article.

  5. Now we need to get this into your article, which is a fairly easy two steps. First, obtain the shortcode:
  6. Now, you just place that shortcode into your article where ever you want it. For example, you could put it towards the top of your Database article to be a basic information box.

Once that’s done, you save your article. You can always go in and edit the table and/or the table and make changes.