Insignia Class


CategoryHeavy Cruiser
Duration100 years
Resupply5 years
Refit10 years
Cruising SpeedWarp 7
Maximum SpeedWarp 9.5
Emergency SpeedWarp 9.96 (for 12 hours)
Auxiliary Craft
ShuttlesType 11 Shuttle: 2
Type 8 Shuttle: 4
Type 9 Shuttle: 2
TransportsArgo Transport: 1
WorkpodsBrunel Workpod: 1
Defensive SystemsAblative Armour
External Defensive SystemsPoint Defense Batteries: 8
Shielding SystemsAuto-Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Regenerative Shielding
PhasersType X Array: 10
Type XII Array: 12
TorpedosBurst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 3
– Quantum Torpedoes: 100
– Photon Torpedoes: 200

Deck Listing

1Main Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge
2Executive Quarters (Guests and Diplomats), Senior Officer’s Quarters, Primary Lateral Array, Escape Pods
3Officer’s Quarters, Recreation Area, Lateral Array
4Junior Officer’s Quarters, Officer’s Quarters, Main Computer Cores (Level 1), Power Distribution Nodes For Each Module, Connection Latches for Each Module
5Arboretum Computer, Support Personnel, Transporters number 1 & 2, Main Computer Cores (Level Two) Two-Level Cargo Bay (Level 1), Smaller Cargo Storage Control Officer, Science Labs 1-4, Stellar Cartography, Level 1 Science Control Medical Laboratories, Medical Supply/Storage, Nursery, Additional Officer’s Quarters (2 blocks), Gymnasium, Holodecks 2 and 3, Lounge/Bar, Weapons Lacker, Tactical Briefing Room, Survival Gear Storage, Auxiliary Power Fusion Reactors, Auxiliary Engineering, Equipment Storage, Cargo Storage, Ship to Space Cargo Bay, Cargo Processing
6Junior Officers Quarters, Officers Quarters, Main Computer Cores (Level 3), Two-Level Cargo Bay (Lower Level), Storage Lockers, Security Control, Science Support, Stellar Cartography Sensor Systems, Emergency Triage Centres, Emergency Med-bay, Transporter Room 3, Additional Officers Quarters (2 Blocks), Crew Storage Lockers (2), Emergency Rations Storage, Hydroponics Bay, Hydroponics Control, Pressure Suit Storage, Ship to Space Airlock Hatches, Volatile Substances Storage (Zero-G Environment)
7Junior Officers Quarters, Life Support, Medical Laboratories, Mass Transporter #1, Emergency Transporters (3), Field Generators (3), Main Impulse Engines, Main Computer Cores (Level 4), Semi-independent power/life-support systems, Science Library Computer, Science Storage, Science Lounge, Doctor’s Lounge, Medical Library Computer, Storage Morgue, Escape Pods (2 Blocks), Crew Lounge, Life Support Subsystems, Mess Hall, Hydroponics Bay, Level 2 Emergency Transporter Rooms, Escape Pods, Power Distribution Nodes – Fusion Reactor / Ship Future Expansion
8Sickbay, Counselor’s Office, Escape Pods, Holodecks 3 & 4, Deuterium Fill Ports, Umbilical Connectors, Main Computer Cores (Level 5)
9Torpedo Storage, Torpedo Launchers, Large Holodecks 5 & 6 (Used for crew training or by Marine detachments as parade ground area), Deuterium Tanks, Main Computer Cores (Level 6)
10Escape Pods, Enlisted Quarters, Enlisted Crew Mess #1, Holodeck Maintenance, Deuterium Injection Reactors, Main Computer Cores (Level 7)
11Enlisted Quarters, Enlisted Crew Mess #2, Field Generators (3)
12Shuttlebay, Shuttlecraft Maintenance, Secondary Computer Core (Level 1), Long Range Sensors (Level 1)
13Shuttlecraft Hangar, Shuttlecraft Spares Storage (Cargo Bays 7 & 8), Graviton Polarity Source Generators (4), Power Distribution Waste Management, Secondary Computer Core (Level 2), Long Range Sensors (Level 2)
14Transporter Room #4, Engineering Support Labs, Environment Support, Secondary Computer Core (Level 3), Long Range Sensors (Level 3)
15Main Engineering (Upper Level), Emergency Transporters (3), Secondary Computer Core (Level 4), Long Range Sensors (Level 4)
16Main Engineering (Center Level), Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction Chamber Access Hatch to Starbase (when docked), Secondary Computer Core (Level 5), Long Range Sensors (Level 5)
17Main Engineering (Lower Level), Aft Torpedo Launchers, Aft Torpedo Storage, Deflector Control Systems, Secondary Computer Core (Level 6), Long Range Sensors (Level 6)
18Ship’s Brig, Anti-matter Storage, Field Generators (3), Mass Transporter #2, Secondary Computer Core (Level 7), Long Range Sensors (Level 7)
19Antimatter Injectors
20Auxiliary Ship’s Brig, Mass Transporter #3
21Antimatter Storage, Field Generators (3), Antimatter Generators

Ships of the Line

  • USS Illustrious
  • USS Argent
  • USS Cross
  • USS Crown
  • USS Sable