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Mark 17 Missile Launcher

The Mark 17 is a multi-purpose shoulder launcher missile launcher, capable of engaging aircraft or armour at extended ranges and effectively neutralizing them. It is in essence a much more advanced version of the Mark 16, featuring a reloadable tube, enhanced sensor array and sophisticated target acquisition and tracking system. It is also a reloadable weapon, new missiles are able to be loaded into the weapon via the use of an aperture found at the rear of the weapon and a small catch prevents the missile from falling back out the way it came in.

Capable of engaging and destroying ground units at ranges of up to 4500m in standard mode, due to it’s advanced sensor capacity in secondary mode the onboard flight computer is able to identify, target and hit targets up to 9730m away, provided with enough sensor data of course. This capability extends to the anti-air capability, enabling the Mark 17 to engage air units at a maximum range of 40,000 feet and travelling at any speed approaching three quarters impulse, again given enough time and sensor data to acquire the target. The Mark 17 is a highly versatile weapon capable of a number of applications and is a must have for many Marine infantry units.

The Mark 17 is also mounted on a rail system aboard the Naga class Gunship.

Size: 1.8 m x .2 m x .1 m

Weight: 14kg

Range (Ground-to-Ground): 4500m (Primary mode) 9730m (Secondary mode)

Range (Ground-to-Air): 40,000 feet (accurate) 40,000 feet (maximum)