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Microalloyed Armour (Wells Class)

Microalloyed armour was developed by the Temporal Integrity Commission and University of Copernicus to replace ablative armour for its Temporal Enforcement Vessels in the late 30th Century.

Microalloyed armour acts in a similar fashion as to its ablative predecessor, deploying upon command from the bridge. Complete armour coverage happens within 0.76 seconds from the initial order allowing for almost instant protection of the hull surface.

The armour material is a combination of alloy metals, which have impurities removed through a process of grain refinement, and softer alloys to disperse impact pressure which is then layered and flattened to generate a durable and adaptive armour plating. Once fully deployed the microalloyed armour is then charged with chroniton particles to give an additional layer against temporal weapons and timeline incursions.