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Below are the official naval and marine ranks, compared side-by-side. Command staff are of course free to use other styles and even other ranks depending on their sim’s plot and era. But these are the defaults for the fleet and for most sims.


Navy Flag and Officer

Marine Flag and Officer

Fleet AdmiralField Marshall (unused)
Vice AdmiralLieutenant General
Rear AdmiralMajor General
CommodoreBrigadier General
CommanderLieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant CommanderMajor
Lieutenant J.G.1st Lieutenant
Ensign2nd Lieutenant

Warrant Officers

Navy Warrant

Marine Warrant

Master Chief Warrant OfficerMaster Chief Warrant Officer
Senior Chief Warrant OfficerSenior Chief Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant OfficerChief Warrant Officer
Warrant OfficerWarrant Officer


Navy Enlisted

Marine Enlisted

Master Chief Petty OfficerSergeant Major
Senior Chief Petty OfficerMaster Sergeant
Chief Petty OfficerGunnery Sergeant
Petty Officer 1st ClassStaff Sergeant
Petty Officer 2nd ClassSergeant
Petty Officer 3rd ClassCorporal
CrewmanLance Corporal
Crewman ApprenticePrivate 1st Class
Crewman RecruitPrivate


Navy Cadet

Marine Cadet

Senior CadetSenior Cadet
Junior CadetJunior Cadet
Sophomore CadetSophomore Cadet
Freshman CadetFreshman Cadet