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The Romulan Star Empire is a proud species that, in recent years, has seen perilous times. With the Hobus Incident, which included the destruction of Romulus and Remus, the Romulans have slowly bounced back from the brink of annihilation and are once again strong. With their Federation partners, they continue to grow, as well as fight off the Klingons, Ferengi, and others that would incur on their territory and try to take advantage of any weaknesses.

TypeSociety, Culture, Political Power
LocationRator III
LeadershipPraetor S'Talus, Romulan Senate, Galae
Main MA ReferenceRomulan Star Empire


The praetor and most of the senate passed long ago or with Hobus, but since then there is a new Praetor, ”S’Talus ch’Havran tr’Ruwon” or ”’Praetor S’Talus”’ for short. He has been in power since 2390, and is widely respected by the populous for bringing the empire back to a state of glory.

The senate still exists, led mostly by S’Vorex, the senior-most senator from the planet ch’Pur.

Local colonies and planets have what translates to ”Speakers” (as in, they “speak” for their colony/system). They are likened to a planetary governor.

Key Locations

The Romulan Star Empire is pictured here as of 2393, as observed by the IRW Kholhr. For official Obsidian Fleet locations and map, please visit Stellar Cartography in this database (to be developed).

The key locations for the Romulans are two-fold. The Praetorship, the Senate, and the main political headquarters and mainstay of most Romulans today reside on Rator III. Other sects (see below) also mainly reside on Rator III.

The Romulan Star Empire’s Imperial Navy, the Galae, have been headquartered on a military flotilla (starbase) just outside the radiation zone from the Hobus incident, as close to both old Romulus and Rator as possible.

Romulan Sects

The Romulans are not as unified as one might imagine, even after a terrible incident such as Hobus. The Tal’Shiar are always distrustful of the Praetor, the Senate, and the Galae, and will always attempt infiltration and will always have their own agenda for the Romulans.

”The Hundred’‘ is a political group based out of the Senate. This group supports the Praetor, but passively and discretely opposes the Senate. They are neutral towards the Galae and the Tal’Shiar. It is rumored that several groups of Romulan Resistance answer to the Hundred.

A third sect has recently risen to power, although has also fallen to the wayside thanks to the IRW Kholhr. What has become known as ”Clan ir’Faen” (a rhyming pronunciation in Federation Standard) was a group of dissidents who tried to setup a base at the site of the Romulus planet, to eventually overthrow the Praetor and the Senate to start the empire anew at its former home. This coup attempt was foiled, although their leader, Commander ir’Faen, still lives today.

Cultural Relationships

The RSE is allied with the Federation in light of the Hobus incident with a bilateral peace treaty, coupled with a unilateral support and relief agreement from the Federation. There is no sharing of arms, technology, or other military-based resources, although the Federation may be called upon for certain incursions.

The Klingon Empire is the biggest threat to the Romulans. They tried to take advantage of Hobus and continually attacked the Romulans at first. That constant fighting has ceased, but there are continual efforts, both overt and covert, to agitate and steal from the Romulans.

And of course, as with any instability, the Ferengi are always standing on the fringes, awaiting any opportunity to make money and gain resources. They care not for power and control and war like the Klingons, but their intentions can have equal consequences.