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SFMC Recruit/Officer Training

Every Marine is a Rifleman


Boot Facilities:

(16 weeks)

Boot facilities are for those individuals enlisting into the Marine Corps without any relevant academy or 4-year institution education that would make them eligible to accelerate into the Officer Candidate Program (OCS). So long as an individual can pass the medical evaluations required to enlist, and have not exceeded 40% of his/her species expected life span. Candidates are sent to the nearest MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot).

  • MCRD San Diego – Earth
  • MCRD Lympstone – Earth
  • MCRD Logan City – Terra Nova
Advanced Training:

(18-24 months depending on specialization)

Advanced training immediately follows MCRD training and is where each Marine learns the finer points of his chosen profession within the Corps. This time is spent learning the advanced basics for their chosen specialty before continuing on to specialty school as needed.

  • SOI (School of Infantry)
    • SFMC Parris Island
    • SFMC Falklands
      • Infantry Personnel
        • Infantry Training Battalion (60days)
        • Advanced Infantry Training Battlaion
      • Non-Infantry Personnel
        • Marine Combat Training (30days)
    • Job Specialty School (ie: Armor, Artillery, Communications) @ various facilities



Prior to joining the SFMC, Officer recruits must have:

  • Graduated from a four-year institution, which would make them eligible for OCS.
  • Attended a four-year institution and participated in the full four year ROTC program and/or attended a Starfleet Marine Corps affiliated Service Academy (Annapolis, Thunder Ridge)
SFMC Training:

(Approx 9-12months depending on specialization)

  • Officer candidates without ROTC or Academy credentials are sent to OCS at either:
    • SFMC Quantico
    • SFMC Dartmouth
  • Those joining the SFMC with ROTC/Academy credentials graduate their respective institutions at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. After graduation they proceed to:
    • The Basic School – Camp LeJeuene (28weeks)
  • Candidates who graduate from OCS proceed on to The Basic School as well.
  • In both cases, after completion of The Basic School, all Marines proceed on to specialty schools before rotating into the Corps at large.