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Submergence Suit

The overall design of Starfleet’s underwater (or under-liquid) submergence suit has not changed in over 100 years. Based primarily on the EVA suit, the submergence suit can protect its wearer against the hazards of high pressure normally found in such environs. Specially reinforced by a flexible duranium mesh underlay and sporting a full redundant life support and short-range communications system, it can be worn effectively anywhere from low-lying plateaus to the deepest chasms known to exist on Class M worlds.

One of the suit’s most interesting abilities is owed to the molecular micro-processors encased in its life support and operations management section. When in water environments, the wearer can deactivate the suit’s oxygen and power supplies and rely solely on the micro-processors, which can extract oxygen from the surrounding water and ready the hydrogen as a fuel source. This, however, is a temporary measure and is only intended as a last resort when the suit’s primary oxygen and power supplies – which are considerable – have been depleted. The estimated effectiveness for this relatively small system is a survival time of approximately three hours before the micro-processors themselves lose optimal functionality.