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Table Styling

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If you have a table in one of your database articles or someone else, you likely want to style it so it looks decent and flows with the rest of the design of the site. Well, there are several “templates” you can use here in IFS2.

Setting the style

In step 4 of the “Infoboxes” section of the Database Help article, you will see how to add a table style “class”. Let’s look at the broader version of that section.

Notice not only the “Extra CSS Class” section: this is where we put the styling labels listed below. Also that we’ve also unchecked all the header and alternating row boxes. This will be key for most of these styles to look better.

Example Styles

First, we have the table that most people will use, and that’s the Infobox. This is a standard Wiki term for a table that shows side, key, or meta data points about that article’s subject. In the case of a sim, it could be its class, registry, and website link. For a ship class, it could be the exact specs table.

To do this one, we use: db-infobox

If we wish to do something a bit more basic and simple, you use the following. With this option, you CAN turn on the “first row of the table is the table header” option.

For this, we use: basic-of-table

And last, for something a bit more subtle and no need for a header row, we use one that is currently being used for our Task Group sim listings.

Here we can use: tg-sim-list

If you have any questions or problems, simple submit a Help Request and we’ll get back with you!