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Type II Hand Phaser

The Type II is the standard weapon used aboard all Starfleet vessels and bases, as it offers a very favourable compromise between size and power. The current Type II has undergone several energy system and ergonomic alterations. This model’s modifications include an improved sarium-krellide power cell, curved grip and reinforced pre-fire chamber, among others. The power cell is hot-swappable in the field and holds a total energy charge of 8.79 x 107 megajoules. The power cell is now housed within a 45 degree curved grip for improved targeting and handling. Within the optronics and energy-manipulation section, the lithium-copper pre-fire chamber has been strengthened with the addition of a wound hafnium tritonide fibre layer, which allows a pre-fire chamber energy density and plasma pressure 15% higher than that of the previous Type II unit. Control surfaces, response, and operation remain unchanged. The modern Type II unit can fire up to setting 16.