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USS Clepsydra


The USS Clepsydra is Obsidian Fleet’s only Temporal Enforcement vessel.  Assigned to Captain Keegan Winter, her mission is to stop temporal incursions and protect the timeline’s integrity.


Sim TypeExploration, Diplomacy and Support
Task ForceIndependent Fleet Operations
Commanding OfficerKeegan Winter
WebsiteU.S.S. Clepsydra Website

Current Mission

The Clepsydra is the newest Wells-class timeship that has been launched by Timefleet. Her mission is to support the Federation in tackling temporal incursions from rogue agents and enemy factions. She houses some of the most advanced temporal technology she has been coined the jewel of New Khitomer.

While the ship is being crewed and undergoing final testing, the Clepsydra’s first mission is to investigate the former homeworld of the Borg Collective, Unimatrix 001 (the Unicomplex). Rumours have been circulating that the Collective has found a way to circumvent their destruction and have been collecting artefacts from different timelines.



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