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USS Elysium NCC- 89000

USS Elysium

Simulation TypeExploration, Science, Diplomacy and Support
ClassElysium Class
Commanding OfficerCommander Phoenix Lalor
Executive OfficerLt. Commander Gary Taylor
Task ForceTF72
Task Group72-B
WebsiteUSS Elysium

Ship Information

The U.S.S. Elysium is the first of her class and apart of Starfleet’s Ninth (Obsidian) Fleet, under the Command of one the youngest CO in the Fleet, the Elysium’s role is one of diplomacy, scientific discovery and support in times of need. Boasting the most advanced technology available to the Federation and being fully holographic. The Elysium is home to some of the brightest minds in Starfleet as well as some unique positions, there is the Office of Internal Affairs and the elusive Department of Temporal Investigations which allows the Elysium to respond to any issue in her vicinity or threat to the timeline. There is also the first of 4 mobile branches of Starfleet Academy where cadets from all around the Federation can get hands-on experience aboard a fully operational Starfleet Vessel under the watchful gaze of an official representative of the Academy and one of the most experienced Admirals the Federation can offer.

The story so far…

The year is now 2394, and the Elysium was lost. But now, the Elysium returns home, without the Admiral. And the crew, led by Commander Phoenix Lalor, faced an uncertain future ahead.

Now with a crew which is a mix of old and new faces, the Crew of the Elysium sets out to reclaim their place in the Fleet, and to show that the trust Sharr had placed in them was not misplaced.

Crew Listing

Commanding OfficerCommanderPhoenix LalorErisian
Executive OfficerLieutenant CommanderGary TaylorHuman
Second OfficerLieutenant CommanderAurelia HolmesHuman
Chief Tactical/Security OfficerLieutenant Commander Aurelia HolmesHuman
Chief Flight Control Officer (Helmsman)Lieutenant Commander Liselle QwyynTrill (joined)
Chief CounselorLieutenant Commander Tate Claire Sullivan Ph.D.Human
Chief Engineering OfficerLieutenantMatias GrronkilGrral
Chief Science OfficerLieutenantDyhei LiduccaAndorian/Betelgeusian
Chief Medical OfficerLieutenantSthilg Gorn
Chief Intelligence OfficerLieutenantDante XithiaEl-Aurian
Marine COFirst Lieutenant Michael Andrews Human
Assistant Chief of Intelligence Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Shiannah ShannasHuman/Romulan
Intelligence Instructor Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Jessinia Kopl-Johnson Betazoid
Science OfficerEnsignTasinder SolaniRisian