TR-133 Cannon

The TR-133 cannon, is the second largest calibre weapon currently in Federation service, although it is a very rarely used weapon since it’s applications are limited and it is decidedly inferior to the Type IV phaser cannon, with the exceptions being when it is utilized against the Borg, or when under a dampening field, which prevents the usage of energy based weapons. The design itself is an old one, which can trace it’s heritage back to the highly successful M2 Browning Machine Gun, the final version of which was phased out by the Earth military in 2153. The weapon itself has significantly benefited from modern technologies, which have enabled it to have minimized recoil, making it more user friendly and also significant improvements on the standard cooling capacity, enabling it to be fired for a very long time before a barrel change is required, the feeding mechanism for the belt has also been enhanced to limit the possibility for the weapon to jam during firing.

Size: 1.42m x .3m x .3m

Weight: 25kg (Unloaded) 28 kg (Loaded)

Range: 2000m (Effective) 2500m (Maximum) 3500m (Indirect*)

Rate of Fire: 800 – 1300 rounds per minute

Indirect fire means that the weapon is elevated and targeted remotely via the use of a tricorder, a burst is then fired into the air, rather like when a Howitzer is fired.