USS Fearless (NCC-75001)


Sim TypeEscort, Exploration, Peacekeeping
ClassDefiant Class
Task Force47 -The Avengers
Commanding OfficerSantiago Vela
WebsiteUSS Fearless

The year is 2394; the Dominion War has been over for almost 20 years. In the wake of the war, Cardassia is left in ruins after a new treaty is signed Cardassia demilitarizes and converts their military into the Cardassian Defense Force. The Federation has accepted responsibility for the safety of the Cardassian Sector. Enter the USS Fearless a brand new Defiant Class Starship assigned to patrol and defend the Cardassian Sector, based out of a rebuilt Empok Nor in the Trivas System. Together the crew of the Fearless must prevent the deteriorating relations with the Cardassian from leading to another war.

Current Mission

Episode 1 - Welcome to the Fearless

The USS Fearless is ready to launch and meet her new crew. Tasked as a patrol ship to the Cardassian Sector will such a small ship be able to handle such a large mission? Only time will tell.  As the crew arrives to board the USS Fearless for the first time. The new Captain must make sure both the ship and the crew are ready for their mission. A mission that may be more than the new Captain could handle.

Crew Manifest

Commanding OfficerSantiago VelaHuman
Executive OfficerHadir PrenarCardassian
Second Officer/Chief Security & Tactical OfficerLee AbernathyHuman
Chief Engineering OfficerYid SeeyakBajoran
Chief Flight Control OfficerIngrid HollisterHuman
Chief Operations OfficerApply TodayOPEN
Chief Medical & Counseling OfficerAnne NoelleHuman
Chief Science OfficerSara Jane O'Donnel-CheBajoran/Cardassian
Chief Intelligence Officer Tyrion FayeBetazoid
Assistant Chief Security & Tactical OfficerKylie RiversHuman


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