Task Force 47 Report – June 2019

July 11, 2019

Something something bad joke about half the year gone something something. Good, now that’s out of the way, let’s get to it. So, we’re rapidly approaching Obsidian Day. For those who still want to get in on award nominations, they’re still open until 00:00BST on the date of this report being posted, so get your […]

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Task Force 47 May 2019 Report

June 10, 2019June 10, 2019

Okay, we’re almost halfway through the year. Why, why does time have to move so fast?! At this rate, I’ll be 30 before you know it and no one wants that! Enough pre-amble, here’s the rundown. Total Sims: 18 Ships with CO’s: 11 Active Ships: 11 Ships with Pending CO’s: 0 Open Commands: 7 So […]

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Task Force 47 Report – April 2019

May 9, 2019June 10, 2019

So, here we are, April 2019 report. Insert joke about time slipping away and how I’m getting old here. Just going to leave that prompt there, see if you guys can come up with a better opening pun than me. Instead, an anecdote and some sentiment. When my new counterpart in 72 first took over, […]

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Task Force 47 Report – March 2019

April 12, 2019April 28, 2019

Yay, I beat my counterpart from 72 to the punch this month! We’ll race again next time buddy. And seriously, we’re into the second quarter of 2019! Where is this year going? Seriously, is it just me or does time seem to go faster the older you get? In all seriousness, welcome to the Task […]

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Sim Spotlight – USS Centaurus

March 16, 2019March 16, 2019

We haven’t had a sim spotlight for a little bit but the Commanding Officer of the USS Centaurus reached out and wanted to tell us a little bit about the ship and the plans for the future. You can find the simm here. “I think it’s my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess […]

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Task Force 47 July 2018 Report

August 7, 2018June 10, 2019

It’s August. I don’t like this. The year is getting away from me. And it’s only two weeks until my Sister’s Birthday and I haven’t got her a card! One half of that last sentence is a lie. Can you guess which one? So, this month has been another pretty calm one. Which is good. […]

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Task Force 47 June 2018 Report

July 8, 2018June 10, 2019

Well, I’d like to begin by congratulating Commodore Farragut on beating me to the punch with reports this month. Don’t get used to it, Greg, I fully intend to take back my throne next month. But in all seriousness, well done mate. Now that my traditional bad pun is dispensed with, let’s get into it, […]

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Task Force 47 Report Adendum

June 13, 2018June 10, 2019

So, I know what you’re thinking. A report addendum already? I know it’s what I’m thinking, however, I thought this addendum needed throwing out there. It’s a two part memo for you all, part of which I’ve already announced. Specifically, the second part. The first part, however, is extremely important. It gives me great pride […]

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Task Force 47 May 2018 Report

June 8, 2018June 10, 2019

So, what did we do this month? GDPR. GDPR. GDPR. Oh, did I mention GDPR? Wait, what? There are other things? Since when? I thought all things were GDPR! Kidding aside, this month we’ve basically just weathered the course as best we can. Thus far, we have all sims posting their privacy policy on their […]

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Task Force 47 April Report

May 11, 2018June 10, 2019

So, we’re going into May now. Will this year just slow down already?! It’s becoming a joke. So, this month we’ve had departures, promotions and other stuff. But I’ll get to that in due course. I won’t lie, this report will be short and sweet. Less of my usual anecdotal punning. I’d rather get it […]

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