Fleet Council

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Joint Fleet Command, Commanding Body

What we do

This page lists the current administration of Obsidian Fleet and its various departments and groups of sims (known as Task Forces), and describes what each is responsible for. These folks and their positions (marked in GOLD) make up the Fleet Council.

Joint Fleet Command

The three-member team who provide general leadership to the Fleet. They are members of the Fleet Council (the Fleet’s leadership body) along with the Task Force Commanding Officers and the leaders of the Fleet Support Services departments.

Sharr, Joint Fleet Command

du LacJoint Fleet Command

SepandiyarJoint Fleet Command

Fleet Operations

The Task Forces, which together make up Fleet Operations, are the groups of simulations that make up Obsidian Fleet. To provide support and community, they are organized into first Task Groups, then Task Forces, each with its own leader. There is also a separate Task Force called Independent Fleet Operations which is used for speciality sims and sims commanded by members of the Joint Fleet Command.

Note: Task Group Commanding Officers are NOT a part of the Fleet Council.

Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster, Task Force 47 Commanding Officer
Vacant, Task Force 47 Executive Officer

  • Captain John Barstow, Task Group 47A Commanding Officer
  • OPEN, Task Group 47B Commanding Officer
  • Captain Tyler Malbrooke,  Task Group 47C Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Cornelius Harrington, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
Vacant, Task Force 72 Executive Officer

  • Commodore Yoshi Minawara, Task Group 72A Commanding Officer
  • Captain Ledeya Ehestri, Task Group 72B Commanding Officer
  • Captain Kate Banninga, Task Force 72C Commanding Officer 

Fleet Support

The Fleet Support Staff run various departments that support players in many ways. The Obsidian Fleet Academy helps those new to the Fleet or to certain roles, such as new Commanding Officers, to learn about how best to play. Fleet Communications manages the distribution of awards, distributes applications to sims in need of new players, and manages advertisement and recruiting. The Office of Mediation and Arbitration helps to resolve conflicts and disputes. The Lore & Technology team develops the Lore and Technology which aids the Fleet in its continual storyline. Finally, the Fleet Webmaster and Data Controller is the legal server owner and the ultimate authority with respect to Obsidian Fleet’s data, servers and other technical aspects.

Deputy Directors and other staff may be viewed on each departmental page.

Travani Dal, Director of the Fleet Academy

Unknown, Director of Fleet Services

Gravis, Acting Director of Mediation & Arbitration

Goldun, Director of Fleet Communications

Markstrom, Director of Lore & Technology

Sharr, Webmaster and Data Controller

To contact someone from Joint Fleet Command or the Fleet Council, please fill out an OF Help Request below and we will be in contact as soon as possible!