Rear Admiral Travani Dal, Director

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Obsidian Fleet Academy serves to provide a benchmark level of knowledge to players through the fleet through a series of courses.  Some courses, such as the Commanding Officer Academy Lessons (COALs) are mandatory for new Commanding Officers joining the fleet, while the Specialty Courses provide a 101 guide to that department as well as some helpful information that you may not have known before going through the course. In the Academy, we ensure you have all the skills and knowledge to get to writing and contributing in our fleet. New to roleplay or simming? Need to know how to manage Wiki data better? Preparing to be in a command role? Come find us! Interested in becoming a Tutor at the Academy. Fill out the application under the Apply tab.

Rear Admiral Travani Dal, Director

Commodore Kayim Falor, Deputy Director


Rear Admiral Travani DalCommanding Officer Academy

Rear Admiral Travani Dal – Advanced Commanding Officer Academy

Rear Admiral Travani DalCommanding Officer Refresher

Commodore Kayim FalorCadet Academy

Commander George StevensExecutive Officer Academy

Commander Andrew Griffin – Engineering Specialist Course

Major General Iain MacTarynMarine Specialist Course

Captain Min Dae Seong MD – Medical Specialist Course

Commander Richard Johnson PsyD – Counselling Specialist Course

Commander Clara Rossella Durante – Intelligence Specialist Course

Captain William ‘Billy’ Castle – Security & Tactical Specialist Course

Ambassador Oriath Velt Diplomat Specialist Course

TBAScience Specialist Course

TBA Operations Specialist Course

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