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Kayim Falor, Director

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What we do

Obsidian Fleet Academy serves to provide a benchmark level of knowledge to players through the fleet through a series of courses.  Some courses, such as the Commanding Officer Academy Lessons (COALs) are mandatory for new Commanding Officers joining the fleet, while the Specialty Courses provide a 101 guide to that department as well as some helpful information that you may not have known before going through the course.

In the Academy, we ensure you have all the skills and knowledge to get to writing and contributing in our fleet. New to roleplay or simming? Need to know how to manage Wiki data better? Preparing to be in a command role? Come find us!

Interested in becoming a Tutor at the Academy. Fill out the application under the Apply tab.

Who we are

Kayim Falor, Director

TBA, Deputy Director


Kayim FalorCommanding Officer Academy

Kayim FalorAdvanced Commanding Officer Academy

Kayim FalorCadet Academy

Kayim FalorExecutive Officer Academy

TBA – Engineering Specialist Course

Iain MacTarynMarine Specialist Course

Min Dae Seong MD – Medical Specialist Course

Richard Johnson PsyD – Counselling Specialist Course

Clara Rossella Durante – Intelligence Specialist Course

William ‘Billy’ Castle – Security & Tactical Specialist Course

TBA Diplomat Specialist Course

TBAScience Specialist Course

TBA Operations Specialist Course

TBA Strategic Operations Course

Course Directory

  • Marine Academy

    In it’s current form the Starfleet Marine Corps is the culmination of generations of military history dating as far back as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries on Earth. Within that history, the influences of a dozen worlds and species is sprinkled in, with the heaviest influences being that of Earth – the central hub of… Read More »Marine Academy

  • XO Academy

    Welcome to the Executive Officer’s Academy It is said that behind every great person is a greater person. This could not be truer when it comes to the Executive Officer. This course will show you the best methods to assist in running your sim both in character and out.

  • Cadet Academy

    3 Lessonsin

    Welcome to OF Cadet Academy It is our goal to give you the tools to be one of the best simmers in the fleet. We will cover everything from character creation to writing techniques and everything in between. All modules must be completed in order to have full credit for this course. So let’s take… Read More »Cadet Academy

  • CO Academy

    0 Lessonsin

    Ready to sit in the chair? Welcome to Command Academy Command is not just a comfortable chair in the middle of everything. There is a lot to taking a sim out there to the undiscovered country. So have a seat and we can get started showing you everything that Obsidian Fleet has to offer in… Read More »CO Academy