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Fleet Services main agenda is to promote informative simming whilst assisting Joint Fleet Command with the promotion of positive interaction between the players and staff, as writers and friends. In order to help with this process, the department oversees the administration of the fleet database and forums, the fleets awards process, recruitment and social media, matters of personnel, and overall fleet engagement. We are primarily here to “serve” the fleet and the community.

We provide a wide range of underlying and front-line services for the fleet, including community engagement, platforms, and member and public interactions. Click the resources below to visit!


The Director and Deputy Directors work closely together on all things Services, with each Deputy managing the daily activities of a given area. Engagement handles things like social media and personnel issues while the Services area takes care of database maintenance and forum moderation.

  • Rear Admiral Berel Joon (Chris), Director of Fleet Services
  • Commodore Mattias Eriksson (Luke), Assistant Director of Fleet Services, Engagement
  • VACANT, Assistant Director of Fleet Services, Services

Community Engagement Champions

These fine folks, an ever-changing group of people in the fleet, are keen members involved in the community via the forums or Discord or social media, and are always providing feedback and helping others.

  • Captain Charles Kincaid, USS Valkyrie CO (Luke)
  • Civilian Rueben Gregnol, SS Mary Rose CO (Gregnol)
  • Captain C`Tasi Rssnai, SS Fawkes CO (bagheera)
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