Rear Admiral Henry Markstrom, Director

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Obsidian Fleet’s Office of Lore & Technology (Formerly Research and Development) has been watching over the technical aspects of Star Trek simming in the post-Nemesis universe for several years. It monitors the use of technologies throughout the Fleet, receives, studies and decides on submissions and helps in developing new technologies for members of the fleet to use. I&D is aided by the players and COs of Obsidian Fleet, whose submissions and suggestions ensure that the fleet’s technologies keep up with canon, and offer the maximum amount of flexibility to fleet members. The department is overseen by Rear Admiral Samuel “Bish” Bishop. He will deal with queries, requests or submissions, and will decide if they need to be submitted to the Fleet Council for further approval.

Any ship, base, shuttle, or technology submissions go through this department. Working with Rear Admiral Bishop, the submitter has the opportunity to oversee the project, from initial idea to final approval by the Fleet Council. Through the process, the submission is vetted by the department prior to presentation before the Fleet Council. Here you can learn more about existing fleet technologies, submit your own idea for consideration or contact the department for more information.

Rear Admiral Henry Markstrom, Director

Contact OID using the form below and we will get back to you. If you have a specifications request/question, we will get back to you with required details.

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