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Awards Transformation 2017


On behalf of the Fleet Council, and as the head of the department that runs this area of the fleet, I come to you with a proposal that has received unanimous consent from the Fleet Council and thus has passed. We have given opportunity to the Commanding Officers to review and give feedback, and we are confident this new system will be great.

The Awards have changed in a variety of ways, and I will attempt to succinctly explain the changes herein. Feel free to grab me in Discord or simply reply to this thread with questions.

New Awards Listing:

Thus, here is a trimmed list of changes:

  • Levels changed to Sim, Task Force, and Fleet level - this better indicates where the decision is made for approval of these awards.
  • Unit of Merit Awards have been changed to Fleet Level (gold and silver), so there are now up to 3 Gold Unit of Merit winners per month, decided by the two TFCOs and the JFC for IFO.
  • Tour awards have been merged into the Expeditionary Award and can be awarded multiple times (once for each mission or tour).
  • Departmental awards of varying kinds have been retired.
  • Medal of Honor and Purple Heart (now containing the POW award) are Task Force level.
  • The Ribbon of Merit (Sim level) and Ribbon of Commitment (Task Force level) are a sort of succession of awards, one implying a much greater level of involvement.
  • The Bronze Star (TF level) and Silver Star (Fleet level) are another succession, which could be preceded by a number of awards, such as Professional Merit or Service Accommodation. These are for mostly OOC contributions, especially in the areas of engagement at the sim or fleet level and other major contributions.
  • Some ribbons have been shifted around so the image is different than what it may have been in the past.

Do know that we are keeping track of all of these in the new IFS2 system. So here are a few considerations on the operational side of the new awards.

  • They will not be automatically tied to a user/character record until we have that system built in the coming months.
  • We are keeping track of them in IFS2, and have recorded most "previous recipients" in each award.
  • A new download of all awards will be made available in the near future.
Topic starter Posted : August 12, 2017 12:30 pm

My question is this, how do recognize an award that has been awarded multiple times?

The current method would mean that the ribbon would show up on several occasions.

Next question, will there be a device that could go on a ribbon to show that it was awarded multiple times?

Marcab Strongfellow

Commanding Officer


Posted : August 14, 2017 9:12 pm

That’s a great question @marcab-strongfellow and I think we can account for this when the awards are tied into members/characters. We could add a “chit” or some kind of overlay to take care of this. Good stuff!

Topic starter Posted : August 14, 2017 10:44 pm