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We have recently opened up the application process for the Director of the Fleet Academy, a vitally important role in our community and one which requires dedication and a vision for the future learning materials (both required, and extra-learning) to bring us into a more modern, useful and pioneering era.

During the application process, we are opening this topic to those who would like to know more, whether you are applying, interested in applying or asking for a friend. You can ask anything you want regarding the role and the department and we will be sure to reply as often as possible.

Remember, you can apply here
Role & Competencies can be found here

We look forward to your questions!

Posted : 11/09/2017 2:52 pm
New Member

I was wondering could you advise more on what you envision the workload will be for the person who gets the position?

Does the academy require an overhaul? Is there a lot of technical work as well as supervision of the instructors and coursework?

Posted : 18/10/2017 8:48 pm
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