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Join Tranquility on missions of Peace and Diplomacy

We are a diplomatic courier traversing known space, carrying with us the founding principals of the Federation into a time of uncertainty, chaos, and change. Our galaxy is dynamic and complex, but we choose peace, science and cooperation to lift us over and onward.  We want you with us.


Tranquility is a collaborative sim with a more relaxed pace. The stories we tell are focused on diplomacy, and the domestic subtext of the Star Trek universe we all love so dearly. The world our characters inhabit is shaped by their actions, the impacts of our stories, and as much a part of the cast as they are. Our ship is a restored wreck of the Dominion War, reincarnated in the 2390's as a beacon of hope for the future of the Federation as it enters a new era, it's next era of exploration.

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We are currently seeking crew! Various positions are always available. Please come give us a look! Contact me to take a peek into our discord server, or chat about joining Tranquility as a member of its community. Friendly, creative, thoughtful writers are always welcome. I can't wait to meet you.

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