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Hello everyone, I'm Markus and I play Major General Iain MacTaryn, currently of Camp Falkirk the Task Force 47 Command Base and currently the only Marine Base in the Fleet. I've been TFCO of TF47 since December of 2014, and with Obsidian Fleet since 2009. I live on the west coast of the US (PST for those who need me in chat) and have a fun fall hobby I'll tell you about if you ask nicely :P.

Camp Falkirk is the current iteration of a simm that I have run in some machination since early 2009. In those early days we were the USS Exeter - Daystrom class science vessel under the command of Captain Markus Hawthorne (a character you will see periodically on this iteration). Over the course of a few years, we transitioned from the Exeter to the Ardeshir and finally to the Alexander before attrition finally cost us all but the most loyal crew, who themselves (me included) found ourselves in RL situations that brought the simm to its knees.

In early 2013 I reluctantly put the Alexander on hiatus for what I thought would be an indefinite period of time, but it turned out to be only a pause (at least for me). A few months later I started the USS Atlantic - a century class under the command of Commodore Kelly Fitzgerald, a recurring NPC from the Ardeshir/Alexander. In truth, I brought forth all of the characters from those previous simms, making the Atlantic a sequel simm to the one that had been put on hold. I picked up new players (despite an old story/background) and within a month or two the old-hands from all the previous machinations were back on deck, returning us to form. I'm proud to say that those players are still with us!

By late 2014, I could see the same issues popping up as before, and quite honestly was starting to burn out myself. I wanted to keep simming, but ideas were few and far between - I'd simply exhausted my creative juices regarding ship-based simms. So, rather than hanging up my hat, I decided to shift and pitched the idea of Camp Falkirk to the crew of the Atlantic. The majority of our players loved the idea and we moved forward with it, though we did lose a couple who didn't like the idea or felt Marines werent't their thing. Completely understandable.

So, in December 2014 we converted to Camp Falkirk and we've been going strong ever since!

Posted : July 7, 2017 11:16 pm