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Hi All,

I'm Matthew, prefer Matt, from the United Kingdom, I'm looking for a new home after my current ship from another site is disbanding and a friend recommended Obsidian Fleet. I have a character in mind, but not a set position, I have copied done an example post below 🙂 of what my character would be like, if anyone likes what I have written and thinks Dana could slot in some where, feel free to get in touch.



Sutherland Household,
San Francisco, Earth

The cold, hard reality was Dana was a privileged child, even growing up it was only the best for daddy’s princess. But been privileged had its challenges, yes she had never wanted for anything, but now in her late twenties, she still hadn’t had any close friends. People always kept her at arms reach, or would use her for the family name, after all, it had always preceded her and people treated her differently because of it, it was as they were walking on eggshells or broken glass, scared they would say or do something offensive. Plus due to the fact she had always had a two-person security escort which put a damper on things, like the surprise party she attended recently, the room was alive, full of laughter and fun. That was until Dana walked in, then the room had fallen deadly quiet, quiet whispering and pointing took place, how on earth she had managed to keep herself composed was another thing, but she did, after all, it was how she was brought up, but it hurt. It cut at the very soul and heartstrings.

All Dana had ever wanted was to make her way, get praise or compliments on her own merits, not just because of her family name. So what if her mother and father were both prominent figures within the Federation and Starfleet. Many times had she heard how fellow officers or crewmembers had whispered behind her back, that she only got this position or posting because of who she was and this it should have gone to someone more qualified. It caused resentment, it created friction, and it was not good for morale or ship relationships. The time had finally come, she was going to stand up herself for once.

“Daddy…” she yelled at the top of her voice as she came barging out of her room, almost knocking over the housemaid who was tidying up. “Daddy.”

The lack of response made Dana scowl, this had been building up inside her for some time and today was the day she was going to get it off her chest. She knew her father was home and she knew precisely where he would be, the study. She began to storm down the corridor, the study was at the other side of the building, and it would take her a good five minutes to get there, but she was determined, she was going to tell him exactly what she wanted.

Wilfred was mid-sentence when the doors to the study burst open, where he was speaking to several high ranking Starfleet Admirals when his daughter had burst in, without even knocking, he glanced over his glasses giving her an unapproving look.

“Daddy…” she yelled

“Now dear, you didn’t knock, and I know I taught you better.” He said still glancing over the rim of his glasses. “And you can clearly see I am in the middle of talking to some important guests.”

The tone and glare told Dana everything she needed to know. He was not best pleased, but after all, Dana did knew how to push his buttons when she wanted, she knew exactly what would annoy him. So instead of apologising and backing up out of the room, she folded her arms and glared at him back.

“This is so typical of you daddy; you always put your work before your family.” She said knowing how it would embarrass him.

Wilfred turned to his guests; he shook his head “My apologies gentlemen, I need a minute.” Before he turned back to Dana and walked towards her, gently taking her arm “I shall speak to you outside.” He said gently ushering her towards the corridor, shutting the doors behind him.

“I expect better from you Dana, I…”

“And I expect better from you daddy, do you know how hard it is for me, all these people see if a spoilt girl, someone who only gets postings because her daddy pulled some strings. I’m sick of it. As soon as people hear my name, you should see the looks I get, do you know how hard that is, expectations before people even get to know you, the whispers of how your only aboard because daddy made it so.”

She paused for a moment; she knew he would understand, after all, he didn’t like to see his little girl upset.

“If I’m ever to follow in your footsteps, I want to get there on my own merits; I don’t want to be an Executive Officer or a Captain and the people serving under me thinking that I’m there because daddy pulled some strings and fast-tracked me. A room goes silent when I walk into it, and the bloody security guards don’t help.”

Wilfred put his hand on his daughter's shoulder,”I’m sorry princess, I had no idea…”

“No daddy you don’t, but I tell you what I want. I want to get a feel for things on my own; I want to ditch the security, use a different surname, perhaps mothers maiden name and let people see me for who I am, and what I can do, not just the Sutherland name.”

With a smile on his face, he nodded, “I know…and you can. It won’t be easy; we shall have to make a convincing record for you, in case people go poking around. You know Dana all I have ever wanted as a father is for you to achieve your best. I may have looked out for you in the past, pulled some strings, but I’ll let you go it alone. But your mother and I will still expect a call home you know.”

Dana slowly wrapped her arms around her father, “Thank you, daddy.” She whispered as Wilfred gave a smile, as much as they had always taught her father, it still brought a smile to his face when she used the expression. “Now I have guests to attend to; we shall short it, I promise.”

With that he kissed her on her head and pulled away, he slowly opened the doors to the study “My apologies gentleman, where were we?” he asked as he again closed the doors behind him.

Dana Sutherland

Posted : March 31, 2018 9:16 am

Have at look at the Livingstone's web site, I'd be happy fort you to join.


Posted : April 1, 2018 11:56 am
Member Fleet Staff

If you still have not found a home have a look at the Pioneer website. We would be happy to have you there.


Posted : May 15, 2018 8:42 am

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