April 2017 Unit of Merit Awards

I am pleased to present the Unit of Merit awards of for April 2017! I apologize for the tardiness yet again. As usual, any issues or questions about the nominations herein should be directed to your direct supervisor. Without further ado, here are the award winners! Award Cards The Aril 2017 award cards for website display have been uploaded…

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OMA Introduction

An opening note from the new Director of Mediation & Arbitration! To all members of Obsidian Fleet: I want to thank you, the members, and the Fleet Council for this opportunity to be the Director of Mediation & Arbitration in Obsidian Fleet. I bring to the position years of experience in executive leadership in online…

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Community Engagement Discussion Groups

After a successful survey on Obsidian Fleet Community Engagement, we have now spun up several Forum discussions as well as a Discord channel. We want YOUR feedback – everyone! We have setup several topics in the forums surrounding themes from the survey and/or other discussions. We want everyone’s engagement and involvement – we’re in this…

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