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Obsidian Day and IFS2 – One Week On

To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the creation of Obsidian Fleet, we held our first ever Obsidian Day on Saturday, July 29th. If you missed it, here’s a quick rundown of what you missed on the announcements side.

  • We announced the Task Force Executive Officer role and the first people to fill those positions. Congratulations to Commodore Lancaster and Commodore Eriksen!
  • Fleet Services announced that three new Community Engagement Champions have been selected. In Discord, you know two of them as Grengol CO of the SS Mary Rose and Bagheera and Commodore Erikkson aka Shatner’s Hair was selected as the Assistant Services Director!
  • A new, easier, to use CO Reporting tool. So far, 18 sims have completed their reports using the new reporting tool. Well done!
  • Innovation & Development announced a new class to join our fleet, the Vesta. We’ve allocated one ship per task force so keep an eye out for the USS Juno in 47 and the USS Ceres in 72!
  • The winners of the Golden PADD competition were announced, SubjectHazard’s entry of “From the Cradle” was our winner, and you can read more here.
  • Three unique, Out of Character, awards were created for Obsidian Day, and it is a pleasure to announce the winners (using their Discord Names);
    • Social Vanguard: ShatnersHair
    • Personality of the Year: Bagheera
    • Volunteer of the Year: Berel Joon
  • We’re inviting members from across the fleet to join in our new rules review team. The aim of which is to simplify and redraft the Obsidian Fleet Rules
  • We announced our new website and logo. There’s a brief introduction to IFS2 here if you’ve not already read it. It’s this last one I’m going to talk about in some detail below.

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