On 29 July 2018, Obsidian Fleet will celebrate her 17th Birthday and to celebrate we will be holding the second annual Obsidian Day celebrations and everyone is invited.

The activities will take place in Discord, the Fleet’s preferred method of live chat communication, and will feature a variety of events such as the Golden Padd announcements and the Q&A Session with the Joint Fleet Command.  We are still looking for people to facilitate events and if you are interested then please drop the Joint Fleet Command an email with what you would like to do, and what slots you are available – we recommend giving several in case someone gets in before you.

Events can be anything you like, from open discussions to workshops and games/quizzes to anything you could imagine, we are looking for new and exciting activities to rival our 16th Birthday.


Obsidian Day 2018 3

Obsidian Day Planning

GMT+1/UTCRoom 1Facilitator
19:00Opening CeremonyMyrkul Sharr
19:30The Captain’s TableLancaster
20:00JFC Q&AJFC &
20:30Last Years Best BitsGregnol
21:00Golden PADD AnnouncementMyrkul Sharr
21:30IFS RevealsAndreas du Lac
22:00Closing CeremonyMyrkul Sharr


Obsidian Day 2018 3


Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will briefly cover the year that’s passed as well as what to expect through the evening.

The Captain’s Table

A panel discussion between a choice group of Commanding Officers and the Fleet as a whole. Anyone may attend and put questions to the panel, including both Task Force Commanding Officers, regarding what appeals to them about Command, what they think is a good way to get into Command, pick their brains about running of sims and just generally ask any questions that come to mind, whether it’s about how missions come about or why the CO in question likes specific classes!


A series of questions submitted by the community to the Joint Fleet Command, this could be about anything from the Fleet to themselves!

You can submit your questions to the JFC here.

Last Years Best Bits

One of our Community Champions, Gregnol, will look back at the past year and cover our best bits, from the achievements of our members to the progress the community has made.  Join us for a wonderful trip down memory lane and help us look forward to the year ahead.

Golden PADD Announcements

During this session, we will review the entries of the Golden PADD and announce the winner and make the stories public.

IFS Reveals

You’ll find out when you attend!

Closing Ceremony

A summary of what the evening has been like, a final word from the Fleet Council and what we look forward to in the year ahead.



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