Obsidian Fleet Branding 1Branding Guidelines
(work in progress)

This page will summarise some key points around the brand of Obsidian Fleet, including rules and guidelines.  The full document can be seen here. This document contains the format for SIGNATURES and a COLOUR PALETTE for all Fleet Branding.  Please ensure you refer to this document for any changes or to the Brand Terms of Use.


Logo Rules

There will be a period of transition where we will be moving from the old Logo to the new; this includes all Fleet images and individual simulations. From 29 July 2017 two months will be provided to allow for all impacted resources and sites to adapt. Any queries or concerns outside of the rules below should be directed to the Joint Fleet Command.

The Fleet Logo may not be edited or customised in any manner, beyond resizing. Should you require any customisation, you must request this through the Joint Fleet Command with a clear description of what you need. Further information may be necessary before a decision is made, and that decision is final.
Colour customisation is strictly prohibited, we provide the colour codes for each department and a suitable palette for use.
The addition of other images superimposed upon the logo is also forbidden.

Main Logo’s


 Obsidian Fleet Branding 2 Obsidian Fleet Branding 3
Main LogoIndependant Fleet Operations (IFO)
 Obsidian Fleet Branding 4 Obsidian Fleet Branding 5
Task Force 47Task Force 72
 Obsidian Fleet Branding 6Obsidian Fleet Branding 7
Fleet ServicesMediation & Arbitration
 Obsidian Fleet Branding 8 Obsidian Fleet Branding 9
Fleet AcademyInnovation & Development