Artemis NX-14 – October 2020

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Artemis NX-14 – October 2020


Sim Updates

The Artemis is pressing on. The site looks great and recruiting is in full swing. We have begun the first official mission so with any luck this ship will be on it's way by the end of November.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
No one has left the Artemis thankfully. The crew is slowly bonding into a tight knit community.

Leave of Absence
No one is on a leave of absence at this time.

New Crew Members
We are proud to welcome Lieutenant Junior Grade Adalyn O'Rourke. She joins the Artemis as Ship's Counselor and Criminal Profiler. Welcome aboard Lieutenant.

Awards & Promotions
There are no awards or promotions to announce at this time

Story Elements

A rift begins to form between Admiral Ford and Captain Kidd as the Artemis receives her first mission. The rest of the crew boards and the ship leaves Starbase 104 and heads to Andorrian space and a rendezvous with the President's transport caravan. The first mission titled Patriot Games has officially begun.

Other Information

`The mission has begun and the Artemis is kicking into high gear. The past month doldrum has been the fault of no one save me. Now that things are returning to normalcy for me this sim will continue to improve. I would like to publicly apologize and say thank you to the crew of the Artemis and to the fleet as a whole for being asleep at the wheel as it were. Thanks for hanging in there and giving me a chance for redemption as it were.

This month saw the Artemis write 4,201 words among 7 writers. That comes to 8.402 posts by SPM and 1.2 posts per writer. Not a bad start ut we will get better for next month.



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