NX Artemis – June 2020

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NX Artemis – June 2020


Sim Updates

The SCIU is officially up and running. The site took some time to fine tune and get just the way I wanted it. However, now it is just about done. Just have to finish up some of the imagery. The Artemis is a NX Class refit so I am creating a lot of the imagery custom which is taking up some of my time.

The first two missions are up on the site and we have begun to post in the first mission titled "The Hunt Begins." This mission is a pretty standard one for all new sims. The crew is boarding the ship and getting to know each other as the SCIU is formed.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
We have no departing crew members as we are still getting our crew together. One hopes that once we have the crew we will not have any depart.

Leave Of Absence
Thankfully none of the new crew have needed a Leave of Absence.

New Crew Members
The Artemis and the SCIU welcome our first three crew members. First I would like to welcome my right hand on this project, Commander Keyleigh Harper as the Armory Officer and Executive Officer of the Artemis. We also welcome our Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Logan Burnett. The Lieutenant will also be functioning as the Medical Examiner when needed. Finally we welcome Gunnery Sergeant Richard Wayne as the Platoon Sergeant for our MACO division. I would like to thank all three of them for joining and helping get this project off the ground.

Awards & Promotions
There are no awards and promotions to report at this time.

Story Elements

As stated above the first mission "The Hunt Begins" is underway. Once this mission concludes and the crew is aboard the ship and ready to go we will begin the second mission for the sim, but the first real mission for the story.

This mission is titled "Patriot Games." This mission should establish the pace and kind of stories that the Artemis is going to tell. While en route to Andorra with the Federation President, Starfleet Commander Ray Trapp dies of an apparent stroke after having lunch with the President. Despite the efforts of the President's personal medical team the Commander dies. The Artemis intercepts the President's ship half way to Andorra. Trapp was tasked with keeping the defense codes to Earth's planetary defense systems. He was to stay at the President's side during the trip. The crew of the Artemis must investigate this mysterious death with an apparent link to an assassination attempt on the President, all before the assassin strikes again.

Other Information

The concept for the Artemis is one that I have discussed and heard discussed for a number of years in the simming world. That of a criminal investigation type sim. I hope to not only tell mystery tales, but to shed a little light on the seedier side of our Utopian Federation. If you are interested in joining this unique simming experience feel free to file an application via the website.

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