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NX-05 Atlantis Awesome August 2022

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NX-05 Atlantis Awesome August 2022

Sim Updates

No updates really. The mission is ongoing working toward the end now loose ends have been tied up.

Crew Updates

New Players:

Change of Characters:

Loss of Player:
One player

Current Open Positions:
Asst Engineer
Asst Science
Communication Chief

Story Elements

The crew of the Atlantis have enjoyed a calm and steady couple of weeks since the Babel planet. The crew are shocked when they discover an escape pod full of crew who claim to be from the NX05 Atlantis and that a well-loved member of the crew is not who they say they are and they have not been onboard as long as they say.

Who do they believe?

Other Information

Quiet month due to August being EU holiday season and over half the crew being EU folks alongside sickness but a good month moving forward.



Submitted By: Ehestri
Posted: September 2, 2022 1:26 pm
Updated: September 2, 2022