USS Tesla – August 2020

USS Tesla – August 2020


Sim Updates

First of all I wanted to say how much I looked forward to writing this report. It feels like our sim has gone from strength to strength this month and this has been reflected in our rapid expansion and the quality of the writing from the players we have recruited.

I would like to start our report with some August highlights:

We have reached the golden six player mark.
We achieved a post count of 24.5.
Both Ensign Karl Scheer and Ethan Brash achieved their First Contact and Level One Awards.
Ensign Kelmys achieving her First Contact award.
All our players have come together on Discord, their conversations are creating a great community environment.
We have started our first group post which is proceeding at pace with detailed and perfectly treknobabbled contributions from everyone.
We are leaving Starbase to begin a rescue mission.
Agreed as a crew to NPC the Marine department to broaden opportunities for players on the Tesla.

With so many highlights as a sim we have a lot to be proud of this month. We have achieved a lot in a short space of time.

While all this is good news myself and my newly minted first officer are aware we still have some challenges and we will be constantly working to make the Tesla a great place to be and write.

Some of the things we will be doing next month:

Building new database pages to expand our sims resources.
Continuing with recruitment focusing on gaining a CEO.
Ending RIO and starting our first mission.
Working on our manifest to add more detailed and interesting NPCs.
Writing more flexible and detailed mission plans using ideas from the crew.
Engaging more with the players to drive quality posts.

As a sim we have set ourselves a high bar for the month of September and the rest of the year. However I am confident with our talented crew that we will continue to achieve similar results and keep pushing that bar higher.

Crew Updates

Chief Flight Control Officer - Ensign Karl Scheer - We are pleased to say he enjoys his second month with us on the Tesla and has had a great months worth of posts.

Joining us:

Chief of Operations Ensign Ethan Brash
Chief Science Officer Ensign Shanyrria Kelmys
Chief Security and Tactical Officer Lieutenant Theia
Executive Officer Lt. Commander Sol Dexx
Chief Medical Officer Lt. Jg Rook Allende

Leaving us:


Recruiting for:

Chief Engineer **Priority**
Intelligence Specialist
Diplomatic Specialist

Story Elements

With us gaining six crew we now have enough players and a variety of skills to undertake a mission.

While there are still some 'meet and greet' posts to hit the board we have started mission posts.

Colonel Borst of Starfleet Marine Corps has asked us to locate a group of Marines who have gone missing during a training exercise. Our mission will take us to the Badlands where the missing Marines last checked in.

We are currently working on how to navigate this dangerous area of space and how to locate the Marines.

As well as having many natural perils the Badlands is also close to Typhon Pact territory. This puts us at risk from enemy ships and bad actors in the area.

Other Information



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