Camp Falkirk – December 2017

Camp Falkirk – December 2017

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

Nothing as of yet to the site to update it. That's mostly because we're in the process of transitioning from Camp Falkirk to the USS Alexander, so any site updates have been on the new site. There's not much needed to keep the current one running and stable. I've put years into it, it's a well oiled machine 😛

Crew Updates

There's no greater compliment to a CO and a community than for an old player to return after a hiatus. That's happened to us this month with the return of a player that had joined Camp Falkirk before our current three year run as a Marine Simm. Captain Aethien Edrani-Mornay rejoined the Simm as the General's Aide and we're looking forward to some great stories.

We're still looking for any and all players, just bear in mind we're getting ready to transition to the USS Alexander so reach out to me and the command staff and we can discuss what opportunities there might be for you.

Story Elements

Right now we're winding down our last mission on Camp Falkirk and preparing to make the in-character shift to the USS Alexander. There's a few loose ends we need to tie up and of course set the stage for the next Alexander mission.

Camp Falkirk won't be completely gone from the story, like anything I do, I try to weave the stories in with one another so for those joining or continuing with Falkirk/Alexander they won't have to say goodbye to their favorite Marine base. The story just changes scenes.

Other Information

Real life has been demanding more and more of my time from simming of late, but that's par for the course with this time of year. My apologies for posting this so late.

Also, as of this filing, it has been announced that I will be stepping back from TFCO of TF72 to focus my Triad role. That said, Falkirk/Alexander will be shifting to IFO.



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