– February 16, 2018


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

We're in the process of transitioning to the USS Alexander. Right now, my work is focused on making sure that new site is online and functional.

Crew Updates

No updates to the crew as we're working on transitions. Ranks and position adjustments are part of that process so there's really no need or urgency to promote people as they are on Falkirk.

Story Elements

Right now we're winding down our last mission on Camp Falkirk and preparing to make the in-character shift to the USS Alexander. There's a few loose ends we need to tie up and of course set the stage for the next Alexander mission. We're working on that now and I hope we'll have that buttoned up this month for the most part.

Camp Falkirk won't be completely gone from the story, like anything I do, I try to weave the stories in with one another so for those joining or continuing with Falkirk/Alexander they won't have to say goodbye to their favorite Marine base. The story just changes scenes.

Other Information

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