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Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

I haven't had any updates to the website other than to trim a few messages, adjust the rejection form letter (haven't used it in a while) and otherwise maintained things. Another player is exploring the possibility of a new skin for Falkirk, one that is perhaps a bit more mobile friendly for those that are visiting with that technology, but that's still very much in its infancy. I'd rather not deploy a skin like that until I can be sure the color scheme, etc, is where I want it to be.

Crew Updates

One crew member removed for inactivity. Bagheera earned a 1 year service award (Congrats!) but otherwise nothing of note. Since OF is working on adjusting the awards system I hesitated to give anything but the service awards. Look for more of these in the coming months.

Story Elements

The Marines of Camp Falkirk are settled in their new home on Catus XI and are busy keeping the base operational, managing the various units of Marines there for cold weather/water training and ensuring that everything is ship shape while Major General MacTaryn is away.

The 4th Armored Battalion has deployed off world for live-fire maneuvers on an uninhabited desert planet in a nearby system. It's the first time the 4th has had the chance to get out and stretch it's legs and the Marines are enjoying the chance to get off the cold and inhospitable world Falkirk calls home. Everything has gone according to plan, until one of the scout patrols was brazenly attacked. A small team of Jad'Lor refugee's were spotted fleeing from something, before the Marines were ambushed. We will soon see who...

After settling the Jad'Lor discovered in the nearby sector had crashed on Catus XI and been hiding in secret while Starfleet Engineering built Catus XI, and sending their civilian population as refugee back to Sol to begin the long process of becoming protectorates, or members, Major General MacTaryn left Catus XI with a Jad'Lor Ambassador to find their homeworld. Nothing has been heard from the Major General since his departure, only that he reached the planet without incident. The Marines of the 2nd Division are eager to find out the Major General's status...

Other Information

I'm expecting an uptick in interest to the simm after the Obsidian Day - SFMC AMA forum, which seemed to be very popular and productive. Our database is open to anyone that needs information on the SFMC and in time that will be migrated fully into the OF Knowledgebase.

Any concerns or complaints, please direct them to the XO, Colonel Sadler. Friendly commentary, to MGEN MacTaryn.

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