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Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

There haven't been any major changes to the site or the stations but there are things pending.

As of this month, I have joined the Joint Fleet Command and so we're going to begin the long and arduous process of transitioning Falkirk into the USS Alexander. I'm not sure what the entails just yet as we do not want to lose all that makes Falkirk so special and unique nor negate all of the hard work, dedication and man hours put into developing all things SFMC for Falkirk. So with that in mind we're going to try and find a happy middle ground in there somewhere.

Crew Updates

We've not had anyone new join the crew this month.

Promotions are going to be on hold until we complete the transition to the Alexander, mostly because I'll be rolling promotions, etc into the transition planning as we bring on new characters, etc.

Open Positions wise we're looking for:
- Science Officers
- Military Police (Marine) or Starfleet Security ( for us on Alexander later )
- Fighter Pilots
- You choose... what does Falkirk or Alexander need?

Story Elements

The Marines of Camp Falkirk are on heightened alert and the base itself is at Red Alert. After a training exercise on a nearby world, the Armored Battalion was attacked by a previously unknown enemy resulting in the death/and injury of a few Marines. Major General MacTaryn himself made contact with the leader of this mysterious enemy - the Pyrryx Imperium.

Having negotiated a cessation to the hostilities, MacTaryn and the Marines formerly on maneuvers have returned to Camp Falkirk on Catus XI to regroup and batten down the hatches. This is not the first time the Federation has met the Pyrryx in battle, but its the first time anyone has seen one face to face and they know from prior experiences that they aren't ones to be taken lightly. MacTaryn has called in every available ship in the sector to be on the ready, should the Pyrryx attack again.

Meanwhile, on Camp Falkirk, their exploits have not gone without being noticed by Fleet/Marine command and Lieutenant General Kinghorn has dispatched himself to Camp Falkirk to take stock of things first hand and ensure that the needs of the SFMC and the Federation are best served in the coming storm.

Now we've had a mysterious arrival of one of the Pyrryx warriors, injured and unconscious... what does this mean for our understanding of who these people are and what they're capable of...

Other Information

Falkirk remains the only Marine-centered simm in Obsidian Fleet and we're proud to carry the banner, and we will continue to do that as much as is possible even as we transition to the USS Alexander. As always, if anyone has anything Marine related to ask or is in need of anything IC then we're your resource!

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