USS Hiroshima – December 31, 2018

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Nothing this month, because who wants to end the year differently than how they started it? Actually, I must make a few personnel-related updates to the site over the next few days.

Crew Updates

Who needs new crew, I ask you? Seriously. They come in, put their towels down on the best chairs on the holodeck and bother you with their names. At least you get to forget the old people who've left.

My selection of a new XO is still pending, but that's a decision that won't be finalised for another while yet.

Story Elements

Caught Between Ages: The Hiroshima continues to impress upon the Gorn who have taken over Research Station Periago that it's not polite to show up for Christmas dinner unannounced, or at the very least not without bringing something nice to nibble on or sip from. It's only civilised. Not that the Hegemony's too put out at the prospect of being left off the Federation's Christmas card list for apparently launching an incursion into UFP space and killing hundreds of Starfleet personnel.

Other Information

Given the season, it was a quiet month for the Hiro, with most of the players taking a well-earned break.

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