USS Pioneer – Dec-18

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USS Pioneer – Dec-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Three additions have been made to the website. The first is a new format for our Crew Manifest. This now shows the crew member's avatar along with all pertinent information. The second is a "cast photo" of sorts was added to the ship's main page. The third is thanks to our Chief of the Boat our enlisted have been restructured so there is more variety in the ranks. Not everyone can be a Chief... Out internet home is a constant work in progress and we are always adding new and interesting information to it.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully there have been no departures from the Pioneer. I am happy to report that the crew seems to be very happy where they are

Leave of Absence
We are happy to welcome back our Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer Dr Richard Ballston. He had been on Extended Leave of Absence.

New Crew Members
We would like to welcome Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Michael to the Pioneer. He fleshes out our Junior Officers as the Assistant Chief of Operations. He is a prolific writer and is already making a great addition to our crew.

Promotions & Awards
With the close of the year the command team of the USS Pioneer thought it would be awesome to do our own end of year awards. So we are pleased to announce the following:

Lieutenant Larim Myles has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dana Wakefield has been promoted to Lieutenant
Command Senior Chief Petty Officer Andrew Moore has been given the Captain's Personal Merit Award
Lieutenant Dana Wakefield has been given the Executive Officer's Merit Award
Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin has been given the Crew's Choice Award
Second Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble & Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters has been given the Friendship Ribbon
Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles has been given the Professional Merit Award
Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters has been given the Outstanding Post Ribbon
Second Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Amelia Zano have earned their One Year Service Citations
Lieutenant Junior Grade Elen Diari & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jomaus Miex has earned their Six Month Service Citation

Open Positions
Cardassian Defense Force Liaison
Marine Positions
Enlisted Positions

Story Elements

The USS Pioneer sits in orbit of Casperia Prime as her crew enjoys some shore leave and all the planet has to offer. However, all is not as it seems on the pleasure planet. The Casperians seems to be a little too accommodating. These people are moving about as mindless drones. The crew of the Pioneer are being waited on hand and foot and do not seem to be enjoying it. This coupled with communications to Cardassia Prime becoming spotty have sent shivers up the crew's spine.

Meanwhile during the Shore Leave two of the Pioneer's newest Senior Staff undergo their command training. Andrew Moore takes a newly revised edition of the Kobyashi Maru. Can the Pioneer add this all together and link the Casperian issue to the Cardassian one? Tune in to fins out...

Post Count: 55
Playing Characters: 15
New Players: 1
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

It has been a slower month than normal for the Pioneer. However, I am happy with the posting numbers. Given the holidays.



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